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With Walkers taking over the world its no wonder if popular movies, books or video games get a slight twist on them. Here you can check out a few popular titles and new descriptions with a bloody good walker twist added to them.

- From : Lilja Valdis

The story revolves around two brothers, Slice and Dice Walkester as they follow their father's limping footsteps, hunting down evil walker creatures such as walker monsters, walker demons, and even walker fallen gods while trying to save innocent survivors along the way. Continuing the "Undead family business" after their father's decapitation, the brothers soon discovered that the "hunt" doesn't just involve slashing and hacking walkers but also dealing with more powerful mutated walkers creatures such as walker angels, walker reapers, and even more Death.

After scavenging the remains of a cargo spaceship, Captain Meatem 'Meat' Bloodnolds and his crew are found by the Saviors but they escape. They go to the Savior camp to sell the stolen cargo to the people there, but he is no longer interested in the wanted goods and bodies. Meatem decides to sell the cargo to the outlaw Rick in Alexandria and pick up passenger to raise money. But soon they discover and Savior's mole on board that is chasing one of the passengers. Who is who? When they arrive in Alexandria, Rick betrays Meatem and the infamous Saviors have followed them and will attack Serenity. What will Meatem and his crew do?

"In every generation there is a chosen one... she alone will stand against the walkers, the zombie demons and the forces of darkness that consume bodies. She is the slayer of them." Bloody knows this tale by heart, and no matter how hard she tries to be just a "normal surviving girl", she can not escape from her destiny... Thankfully, she is not alone in her quest to save the world or what's left of it, as she has the help of her friends, the hilarious (and surprisingly quite effective) evil-fighting team called "The Scooby walker Gang". Together, Bloody & co. will slay their walker demons, survive one apocalypse after another, attend Alexandria’s school... and above all, understand that growing up can truly be Hell sometimes... literally..and bloody.

In this modernized version of the Conan Doyle characters, using his detective and bloody plots, Walkerlock Harms lives in early 21st century apocalypse London and acts more cocky towards Bloodland Yard's detective inspector LeastRat because he's actually less confident. Doctor Eatson is now a fairly young veteran of the Walker war, less adoring and more active...in their hunt for bodies.

After the mysterious and sudden vanishing of a young surviving boy, the people of a small surviving town begin to uncover secrets of a government walker lab, portals to another bloody world, and sinister zombie monsters. The boy's mother, Juice, desperately tries to find him, and is convinced he is in grave danger against the undead, while the sheriff searches for answers. Trying to help find him, the boy's friends discover a strange little undead girl, who is on the run from "bad surviving men".

A house haunted by murderous walker spirits, a catholic insane asylum from the 60s infested with zombies, a coven of witches creating walkers, a freak show starring some truly twisted characters and a lot of blood, a hotel filled with serial killers run by a vampire countess and walker friends, an isolated haunted shack that may hold the secrets to the disappearance of the Roanoke colony and their bloody walker friends and a cult on the rise after the 2016 Presidential election that ended with a biter as president. Every new season comes all new, wholly Walker terrors in this interconnected modern horror Walker anthology series.

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Odessa Valyrion

Odessa Valyrion ohmygoood it's bloody! aaah the memories!

Faolan Tierney

Faolan Tierney Oml, I loved there! Firefly <3

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