Aspen's Animal Doppelgangers
So, we already know this place can be a bit of damn zoo, am I right? Well, it just so happens that in my spare time around this place (and maybe enjoying a bit of extra free time in the archives *wink wink*), I may have stumbled on some less than flattering photographs of some of you people. I mean, they’re pretty damn hilarious themselves. BUT. and I mean a very fucking big BUTT. It’s so much FUN to compare them to a few choice photos I found of you guys and your animals and just some snapshots from old Discovery Channel booklets and shit. So, without further ado, I bring to you some Animal Doppelgangers. Enjoy that. Relish it. (It’s not as fun as blood, but it’s something)

- From : Aspen Elysium

You've seen her around in chat. Though she may not say much, when she does, she's got that fancy-ass way of talking. She's a grammar nazi and a stickler for a cup of tea. You might could even get away with spiking it making it scolding hot just to fuck with her. Seriously, though. Don't take drinks from Savi- I mean strangers. 




Of course I'm speaking of none other than that very unique Camp Head of the Scavengers, Janie Buchanan. She may look cute like a cuddly bear, but I'm telling you... you can do a lot more than cut some hair with scissors ;)  

Do you ever think she tries too hard to be nice? Like it's not first nature or she's just tired of your shit? Or maybe that's me. I'm definitely tired of your shit. But when she sips tea, have you seen her? 




She looks like a damn puffer fish and I can't get the noise out of my head. She's a bit of a prude, but she definitely knows how to suck...some tea down. >:3 

Now this one is just too fucking cute. To be honest, I'm finding it hard to say anything mean about her. Sure she's a prude, a bit...full of herself when it comes to intellectual properties, and who doesn't like tea?  




I guess my biggest pet peeve would be that she doesn't let loose and just say FUCK or ASS or anything. You have to let that shit go every once in a while. Like.. I kinda want this cat to attack her face right now so I can experience the rush of what it feels like to hear those words come from her mouth. 

Speaking of trying too hard, here she is again. It's the quiet ones you have to worry about right? She's either giving you the okay or playing that game with you where she's gonna hit you for looking at her hand.



.Did you look? >:3 



Seriously though, that thing right there looks cute (just don't look at the fucking eyes) but it will RIP YOUR FACE OFF. Kinda like Janie. You're fine unless you're rude, you can't use proper grammar, you swear a hell of a lot, or you just make tea wrong. Either way, it's bittersweet like this fucking lemur. It sings a sweet song, but remember, Scavengers take, they don't bother. >:3 so watch it or it's your turn with the scissors.  



I would be lying if I said that was all the weird shit I could dig up on our grammatically correct Camp Head, Janie Buchanan. But if you really want to see some strange shit, just stick around Town Square long enough and she'll show up. Then you can take even more photos and send them to me >:3 


You can see this pretty much everywhere if you know where to look. I mean, it can get pretty monotonous being safe here in the walls, doing lessons. Gotta get your kicks where you can get em right? So if you see anyone around town that resembles one of our livestock or your Aunt Bessie's shorthair chihuahua, then send me a mail with the deets. I'll gladly post that shit in here so we can all get our kicks. I'll be here every Tuesday, so don't miss me too much while I'm gone. 


P.S. I like wine. Get on my good side. 

And remember, "Those who slay together, stay together" >:3

(permission given to use images of Janie and her consent for the words)



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Janie Buchanan

Janie Buchanan Very amusing. Well done! Though I'd very much appreciate it if you wouldn't spike my teas.

Talen Benson

Talen Benson Kickin' ass with these blogs Asp, keep this awesome shit up. >:3

Margaret Wider

Margaret Wider Great post! :D

Cataleya Dawson

Cataleya Dawson This is great! Keep up this good work!

Lukrezia Tierney

Lukrezia Tierney Love these XD to funny can't wait for the next one!

Faolan Tierney

Faolan Tierney Absolutely brilliant once again x'D

Aspen Elysium

Aspen Elysium *laughs maniacally* you're welcome ;)

Odessa Valyrion

Odessa Valyrion hysterical... best blog series I've ever hosted

Antoinette Bouvier

Antoinette Bouvier O-oh o.o

Lyla Flannery

Lyla Flannery another amazing blog Aspen <3 *steals the kitty*

Sydni Wren

Sydni Wren Hahaha I loved this :) Nicely done Aspen!

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