Dessa's Deadly DIY: Dress-up
So I’ve given you all the ingredients to get a kick-ass watch party, but nothing beats a great The walking Dead inspired costume. I love cosplay, but am not really great when it comes to sewing my own costumes… yea no, I am aweful. But, you can still get your hands on some things and look like your favourite castmember!

- From : Odessa Valyrion

Okay, so last week we turned into Negan. Which I need to admit, was kinda cool. But, there are more badass castmembers we can transform into during this year’s Comicon season. This week I will show you how to get your inner Daryl out. (NO! please, put the dead squirrel down!)

You need a sleeveless vest/jacket and a white racerback shirt. Off course: jeans. Ripped jeans are even better. Especially when they’re old! Top it off with those hicking shoes/boots you never wear anyway and you’re outfit already looks quite ready. If you want to walk around with fake dead roadkill/squirrels etc just head to a dollarstore and get some pet toys that look like them.


Now getting your hands on a crossbow might seem a bit tricky, most comicons don’t really let you take crossbows along. Maybe a nerf bow will be allowed though. There even are fake toy ones that they might allow if you don’t bring any pointy bolts.


But Dessa? What the heck are we going to DIY this week?  Yes, excellent question.


These costume DIYs are super easy as we don’t have to do much, besides putting them on. But Daryl wouldn’t be Daryl without that gross necklace of walker ears around his neck. And I thought, besides looking cool, we could also get ourselves the necklace and… a little snack!

We will make the necklace out of cookiebatter! So you can eat them and make people feel sick with your presence!

So, what do we need?

  • An ear, skull or flipflop shaped cookiecutter
  • A small knife
  • Wilton tip to get a whole in the ear
  • Off course the cookie batter
  • Flesh coloured icing
  • Cinnamon
  • Liquid food colouring in red


So prepare the batter. Ready to use batter is easiest, but you can make it from scratch. Just follow the recipe from your cookbook or on the box or whatever.


When the batter is ready to cut, follow the steps below. I use a skull shaped cutter, cause I couldn’t find others.

Now bake the cookies (don’t look at me, look at the recipe!) and after they are cooled, come back for the next step.


After the cookies are baked and cooled, begin by applying a thin layer of flood icing to the surface of the cookie using a food-only paintbrush or an offset spatula. Leave it to dry.



With piping icing, outline the outer edge of the cookie and the inner cavities of the ear like shown below. Then, with flood icing, fill in the middle of the outlined sections. Leave this to dry and set for about 1 hour.



Repeat the steps and leave to dry overnight (yes, it takes some time to get these ears)


Now they’re dry, use cinnamon to make them look “old”

You can use some food colouring powder in rusty and grey colours too.


Now get some gloves on (not the winter ones! No rubber gloves, silly) and get an unused toothbrush. Add liquid food colouring to add blood splatters. It needs to be super thin, if it’s gell add some vodka to thin it, no worries, the amount is so small it won’t hurt you! . Simply run your thumb along the bristles and aim at your cookies.


Now all that is left is the next step: put a cord through the hole in the cookies and string it around your neck. Now you are just like Daryl!


Happy munching!

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Faolan Tierney

Faolan Tierney Cookies! Cinnamon.... omnomnom

Vincent Delaney

Vincent Delaney Oh these are fantastic!

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