behind the mask of....Lysa Nemia Caliente
Have you ever wondered if the person behind the character is exactly the same as their IG self? Like: does Faolan really love animals? Is William Mortdecai the reason why rum is always gone in real life too? And how about Lukrezia? Does she secretly adore pineapple pizza? Well SoMe is here to reveal some of the similarities and differences! Today we have the scoop! Lysa Caliente is in the hot seat to spill all the facts!

- From : Odessa Valyrion

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David Ackermann

David Ackermann Sims! And the adorable cactus, please don't kill it! xD Lovely article and interview :D

Faolan Tierney

Faolan Tierney Great article! And one can never play too much sims!

Lysa Caliente

Lysa Caliente Chlooooo don't you dare

Chlo Edwards

Chlo Edwards Hehehe *touches Lysas sushi*

Kaia Rayne

Kaia Rayne Fantastic article :) I really love these!!

Blythe Everleigh

Blythe Everleigh These are awesome I love them :3

Maximilian Everleigh

Maximilian Everleigh I love these articles so much :D

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