Dessa's Deadly DIY: defense against the dead
We've been fighting this apocalypse for some time now. Our community is doing amazing, because we got all these fantastic trainers to teach us to stay safe. But.... what do we do when the apocalypse hits in the world beyond the screen? Right! We fight! And I will teach you some nifty DIYs to give you a head start.

- From : Odessa Valyrion

Sup little ass-kickers!


Disclaimer: The weapon we are creating today can seriously harm people if you are not careful! We from World of Walkers are not responsible for stupid shit you do outside our wonderful website and we recommend you do not aim at someones face!


Today we are getting our crafts on to build something you can use against intruiders that are still breathing. I'm talking about blowguns!


They are simple and powerful weapons used by tribes in the Amazon forest. They shoot  darts. The real deal has poisson that either paralyze the victim or kills it. Darts and blowguns can be made at home with minimal expense. So this is a cheap little do it yourselfie.

 If used responsibly, they can make a fun and impressive toy. Misusing blowguns can be extremely dangerous. So again *points at disclaimer*

I will just explain what you need to do and tell you what you need along the way. It isn't much.


Decide what sort of dart you want is the first step you'll make. As a rule, smaller darts will fly faster. Heavier darts will hit harder, but are slower and might not reach as far. This makes a difference whether you want to use your blowgun for precision work (like shooting against a dartboard) or breaking things (like an empty glass). The process is the same. However, knowing what you want to use your darts for is important before you go out and buy the materials you need.

The sort of tip you ultimately give your dart will have a significant impact on its use as well.

So what do we need, Dessa? Ok, ok not so fast. I'll tell you!

There are usually two or three parts to a dart. All blowgun darts will have a nail (for impact) and a flight (the part at the end for aerodynamics, just like the arrows from last week). Flights can be made by wrapping small pieces of paper into cones. A third part to the dart may be the tip. In some cases, you may want to modify the end of the dart. Whether for safety or utility's sake, you can add something to change your dart's impact.


Get the stuff together:

When you hit the DIY store: Type #16 and #18 wire nails are recommended for blowgun darts. Choose between the two based on your choice in step one.

The flight:
Sticky notes are perfect for the flight. Well for darts, not for arrows.They're already a good size so you won't need to cut off too much. They're  often brightly coloured, which will make it easier to retrieve your darts once you begin firing them. And it looks super cool too.

The tip:
A tip of a dart can be anything, so long as it doesn't get the way of the dart's natural aerodynamics. For use in your house, some tape to dull the pointy end can help, although some will use a tip to make a dart more damaging.


So let's make a flight!

 Because this is a homemade project, you can go many ways about making a flight for your darts. As mentioned, easy flights can be made by rolling sticky notes into cones. Form them into a cone, and tape the crease to keep them steady. Alternatively, you can glue short pieces of yarn around an ear plug. From there, the nail can impale through the ear plug and function just as well as a dart.

In order to find the perfect length for your cone flights to be, try sticking them in the barrel you'll be using. Cut off at the point where the cone doesn't fit in. Try to make your darts as even as possible.


Getting Tipsy!
No nothing to do with alcohol! We're getting tips on our darts!

Decide between soft and hard-tipped darts. Just as with the making of the dart frames themselves, tipping darts begins with a choice. Before giving darts a tip, you should have a solid idea what you'll be using the darts for, and what you'll likely be aiming them at. Soft tipped darts aren't likely to puncture or break things, so they can be used in indoor settings without fear of damaging anything. In contrast, hard-tipped darts can be used to puncture or shatter targets. Tipping darts doesn't generally take as much time as making the rest of the dart, but the possibilities are much more varied.

For the sake of safety, if you're just starting out with making darts, it's recommended you begin with soft-tipped darts. That way, you can perfect your craft before moving trying something that could potentially hurt someone. 

You can make projectiles from most anything. Just make sure there is enough mass to the projectiles for them to gather velocity.


You can also leave the tip of the nail as it is en sharpen it, but I for one, do not recommend you doing this as the darts will be super sharp and dangerous *waves disclaimer in your face*

Alternatively, if you don't feel like making darts.... marshmellows are great ammo with a blowgun, but this is inside info and we certainly don't have a huge stock of marshmellows in the pantry. (stuffs some in face)


And yes, for those who wonder, paintball ammo works too! But is less tasty and hurt way more than marshmellows!

Now we got most of the work done there is still one thing missing, ain't it? What is it? Yes the blowgun itself!


Let's get crafty!


1. First things first: Choose the appropriate materials. 

Traditional blowguns were fashioned from hollowed wood. For your own blowgun, there are different sorts of material you can use. Assuming you don't have easy access to these supplies, a half-inch PVC pipe is perfect. You can buy these at a DIY store too.

2. A precision cutting knife is necessary to cut pieces down to size.

Longer barrels usually mean longer range, but they're harder to carry around and aim properly!

Now we're almost done. (yes, it's that freggin easy)

3. A blowgun can always use a cool look. If you're making something from home, part of the enjoyment is in making it look as professional as possible. For the look and traction, it's recommended you wrap it up in a coloured masking tape or cool duct tape. Any colour you like will do.


You can add a rubberband to store your darts, but that's just an extra add on, nothing fancy or neccesary.

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Jason Blackfield

Jason Blackfield I will make them all! ;)

Dead user

Dead user oh yes!!! Darts is a great past time and can be good if you know how to aim them as well ;) Great Work, Dessa. I love the angry bird tape.

Lukrezia Tierney

Lukrezia Tierney I love these blogs so much. Awesome work Dessa~

Chlo Edwards

Chlo Edwards Oehh darts! Fun! Be careful everyone when you make them! Dangerousss

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