Behind the mask of ....Chlo Rosella Edwards
Have you ever wondered if the person behind the character is exactly the same as their IG self? Like: does Faolan really love animals? Is William Mortdecai the reason why rum is always gone in real life too? And how about Lukrezia? Does she secretly adore pine apple pizza? Well SoMe is here to reveal some of the similarities and differences and this week we got caught up in hurricane Chlo! Here's all you need to know about Chlo Rosella Edwards!

- From : Odessa Valyrion

Chlo Rosella Edwards
★ DoB: 13th of April
★ Profession: Liberal Arts trainer
★ Favourite desserts: cherry pie
★ Favourite WoW class: Liberal arts
★ Favourite WoW RPG location: the kitchens
★ Favourite movie Forest Gump
★ Special talent: Being able to set anything on fire
★ Most anonoying habbit: never being on time.
★ DoB: 14th of June
★ Profession: Student so basically no job
★ Favourite desserts: ICE CREAM!!!!
★ Favourite WoW class: Cooking & Nutrition and Liberal Arts
★ Favourite WoW RPG location: Oeanside
★ Favourite movie the Holiday
★ Special talent: Being able to (somewhat) play the flute
★ Most anonoying habbit: Talking too much and being too enthusiastic


Chlo and I are very similar. That is because I based her off me. I have a hard time not being myself. We love talking and chatting with people. Like, we do that too much. Way too much. Her best friends are my best friends too. They're so nice. How can they not be my friends?

We're both kind of clumsy but Chlo is worse than I am. I do clumsy things but like... only once every week or so and she's a lot worse! Maybe even every day.

Also, she is a teacher and I'm becoming one. We love kids and want a family of our own. But I don't want it at this moment and she does. We are both also very good at getting lost. It's a special talent of ours.


Hmm one of the differences we have is that she sets fire everywhere she goes. As for me... I've never set fire to anything that I didn't mean to set fire to. I did however made the smoke alarm go off, twice.

Also, I have never driven a car and Chlo... well, she knows how to. Sorta. Another thing we don't have in common is that she runs and is like fit and tall and blondie. I am a less fit, average sized brunette.

One of the other things we don't have in common is that I was never pregnant. She was, back in the day. Also, I've never had a dead boyfriend. And she has 2!

Chlo is very creative and awesome at what she does. She is very confident in what she does. Me on the other hand, I'm not that creative and if I ever do anything creative, I start doubting myself and wondering if I did the right thing.

FC: Dianna Agron

So some more randomness from IRL me!

★Fun things about me? Well, I'm 18 years old. I played field hockey for about 8 years. I quit to get a job and that's also what I like to do.

★I love to be lazy but I also like to work. I'm still trying to find a good balance between those two.

★I absolutely love Christmas and Christmas movies. My favourite is the Holiday. I've already seen the Holiday 5 times this year. And it's not even Christmas. I can almost recite it. I'm trying to learn it so I can talk along with the movie.

★If I'm not watching the Holiday, I'm either in college, trying to become a teacher or playing a game. My fabourites are sims 4 and house flipper. Some might say that they don't make me a gamer but I disagree.

★Hmm what else about me? I got marshmallow toothpaste today. Because I thought it looked cute. That is a thing I do. I get things because they look cute.

★Another thing I do it annoy my best friends. That's something that I love to do. It's fun! To a certain point, of course.

★But, I guess that's about it, I think. These are some basic things about me. If you want to know more about me, you can always send me a mail!
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Jill Walk

Jill Walk AWW

James Ashton

James Ashton Great work love this :3

Lorena Dawson

Lorena Dawson Woooo, Chlo! I've played field hockey too! ;) ♥

David Ackermann

David Ackermann *goes to start the bakery with Chlo to set things on fire*

Essie Vendetta

Essie Vendetta This is awesome! Go Chlo!

Faolan Tierney

Faolan Tierney It'sa Chlo!

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