Dessa's Deadly DIY: make your own merch
So I’ve given you all the ingredients to get a kick-ass watch party and I’ve shown you two easy ways to dress up already. I sure have more of those, but first I want to get on another branch first: shirts! My friends and I, even down to my colleagues and boss, love fan shirts. But we don’t like spending top $ for 1 t-shirt. So I’ve decided to try out making them myself!

- From : Odessa Valyrion

Hi there, welcome to another DIY with me, Dessa. Today I’m giving you all the info you need on making your own  bad-ass The Walking Dead shirts. It isn’t really hard, you just need the following stuff to begin:


  • Shirt
  • Fabric Paint (I use Tulip Soft fabric paint) I also use fabric markers from a local dollar-store kind of establishment, they are good to, but paint is looks 1000x better!
  • Reynolds Freezer Paper
  • Stencil or Computer Design to cut out. If you got one of those cameo Silhouette things, do you them (these are expensive As fuck, so I don’t got one)
  • Sponge to apply paint
  • Cardboard to put under shirt to make sure paint doesn’t bleed
  • Iron

Here’s how it’s going down


Cut out your design onto the Freezer Paper. Keep in mind that you will be ironing on the design shiny side down onto the fabric. However, if using a Silhouette, you will need to have the Matte Side facing up if you want it to stick on the mat.

Therefore, any design that is not symmetrical will need to be flipped/mirrored horizontally for cutting it out.


Remove the access of the design after cutting and iron the freezer paper stencil onto the fabric shiny side down. Make sure the iron is set to no steam.

Put a piece of cardboard inside the shirt and then use a paint sponge to apply fabric paint onto the shirt. Make sure you put on a good amount of paint evenly over the design.



Let the paint dry for at least an hour and then peel off the stencil. At the time, you might want to do a couple small touch ups with a paint brush but those are pretty minimal. I actually like them when they have a little distressing. In an apocalypse you can’t look to crisp anyway.


That’s it! Not every shirt will turn out perfect, hell I messed up three. But I bought them cheap and even those three failures cost me less than one storebought The Walking Dead shirt.




If you don’t want the world to know how much you love the Walking Dead there is another neat trick. Get a black shirt/tank top/racer back or well any black item of clothing I guess….except underwear. Why? Well we’re going to splatter bleach on them. It will turn a bit rusty and it’s really a cool effect. My friends think it looks like old dried dirt and blood. So yea. You could do that too. Wear plastic gloves. Put the shirt on cardboard in your backyard and splatter it on. You can throw it from the bottle, use an old pray bottle.. whatever you prefer. Here’s an example:

You can also use bleach instead of paint with a stencil.

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Dead user

Dead user Loving this, Dessa!

Angelina Flury

Angelina Flury this is what i need to do when i get an iron :3

Lukrezia Tierney

Lukrezia Tierney Haha Aspen and I had the same thought. I'm very tempted to make it. XD great work Odessa!

Aspen Elysium

Aspen Elysium I love that bleach covered top >:3 I need one to get some blood on.

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