How to hack it in the wilderness with Dessa
An apocalypse can come at any given moment. Do you keep it cool or run around screaming, not knowing what to do? Fear no more! Dessa is here to learn you some unusual hacks so you too, can hack it in the wilderness!

- From : Odessa Valyrion

Hello survivors!

You've come a long way since you wandered the wastelands to Alexandria and today I will teach you another important lesson that you can use IG and IRL.

Feeding yourself in the wild is not a biggie anymore, you can find all sorts of nutricion. But there is a thing even more important. Like oxygen important! And that is water. Yes H2O! We can't survive without it, but in the wild some of this liquid that keep us hydrated isn't safe to drink, like at all. And in some regions all there is, is sea water. Which isn't a very good beverage either.

So what can be sources of drinkable water?
-Rain. Most of it is safe without contamination

-Rivers, streams and ground water, but only if you purify it

-snow and ice

So how do we collect this water and clean it if needed.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor rain gif

Rainwater in most rural areas can usually be consumed without risk of disease or illness. If it rains, use any and all containers you can get your hands on to collect it. If you have a poncho or can find some plastic sheeting (tarp doubles as a shelter), spread it out and tie the corners to trees a few feet off the ground. Find a container and tie the poncho on a slant with a slight sag to allow the rain to collect and drain.


If you can't find a container, tie it level on all four corners and give it even more of a sag -- it will serve as a makeshift water bag. If the rainwater tastes a little different, it's because it lacks certain minerals that are found in groundwater or streams. So don't worry about the taste.

Heavy dew can also provide potable water. Now don't go and lick the grass. You're not cattle!

Before the sun rises, tie some absorbent cloth around your shins and take a walk through some high grass. You may be able to soak up enough water for an early morning drink. Just be sure you use a clean cloth.



Afbeeldingsresultaat voor rivers gif


Wild life, lush green vegetation, swarming insects (yess food) and the sound of rushing water will all give you a clue there is water near you. Finding it and collecting it might not be that much trouble if you're out in the wild. Drinking it without risking your life however, is.  Every time you drink water from a river, lake, stream and the sorts, without purifying it, you're gambling with your life.


So I will not tell you how to find and collect it. Even my twins know an empty bottle, can or even a plastic bag can be filled with water and they are toddlers. Instead I will tell you how you can clean it, so you can drink. 

Now the easiest thing would be if you had a 'life straw" which is a device that you can just stick in the water like a straw and drink. It has a filter inside that can be used up to 700 liters. So it will last you for close to 9-10 months!


But most of us will not have one with us in the wild and will have to make due of our knowledge.

Boiling is the best and easiest way to make fresh water safe -- 10 minutes at a steady boil is a good rule of thumb. Of course, boiling water means you need fire. Lucky you, I've already taught you how to get a fire started.  But you will also need a container of some kind. If you don't have a container, you can probably find one or more of these items:

  • Aluminum can
  • Tin can
  • Large shell
  • Plastic bottle
  • Glass jar
    Be sure to use a cloth of some sorts to filter large chunks of debris, sand etc from your water. A t-shirt works fine.

Believe it or not, plastic bottles do work for boiling. One method is to completely fill the bottle with water, cap it and drop it into some hot coals. The lack of air in the bottle should keep it from melting. If you don't have enough water to fill the bottle, suspend it above the fire with rope or vine so the flames just touch the bottom. The risk of boiling in a plastic bottle is that your bottle and main collection device may be gone. If you can't start a fire, leave the water in the sun in a clear container to help kill bacteria.

After boiling you should always pour the water back and forward your containers to add oxygen. Believe me, it will make it taste a whole lot better.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor melting icicle gif
First things first, don't ...I repeat... DON'T ever eat yellow snow. 

But when you're our in the wilderness you might find yourself in cold regions. Don't be fooled. You will need just as much or even more water than when you're in warm climates. The dry air will make you loose water through your skin, even if you don't perspire. So it is just as risky!

If you're near snow and ice, melt it and drink the water. Don't ever eat it frozen. We're not looking for icecream!  it'll reduce your body temperature and lead to dehydration. The melted snow and ice should also be purified if you have the means. So melt it, boil it and drink it.



No matter how dire your circumstances, you should never drink the following:Afbeeldingsresultaat voor no no gif

  • Blood. It's not safe and you ain't a vampire!
  • Urine. Iiiieeeew who does this anyway!
  • Fish juices, again ieeeeew
  • Salt(sea) water, it will dehydrate you faster
  • Alcohol, again a no brainer, it dehydrates you
  • Fresh sea ice (milky or grey looking, sharp edges and extremely salty)



That's this week wilderness hack from your very own Dessa Valyrion. Tune in next time for some more hacks!

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Xuan Mai

Xuan Mai Pee really isn't that bad... :')

David Ackermann

David Ackermann I got thirsty for real, reading this. Great advice if you are ever lost outside and got no water with you :D

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