Learning to Live Among the Dead, with Luna Rose
A Guide to Apocalypse Survival: In a world full of the dead, learn how to survive with helpful tips and tricks about everything you need to know with little Luna.

- From : Luna Allan

Welcome to Luna’s Survival Guide! To start off, today we’ll be talking about basic survival supplies. These are things you absolutely must have if you want to be prepared. The supplies I’m about to talk about will help you in any disaster or apocalyptic event, not just the one we’re experiencing now with the walking dead.


So, let’s get started! What you’ll need first and foremost, is non-perishable food. Anything canned, vacuum-sealed, freeze-dried, or with a long shelf-life is perfect. You want something that will last without electricity.


You’ll also want to have as much water as you can bring with you. Water is the most important thing for survival. And while you won’t be able to carry enough to survive long, it’s also helpful to keep jugs or canteens that can be refilled. It’s even better if you can get your hands on a portable water filter. That way you won’t get sick from drinking river water that might contain germs.


Next, you’ll need a weapon. Preferably, one you’re familiar with and can use well. In these times, though, anything will do. Along with your weapon, you’ll want a knife. Something small like a pocket knife that you can use as a tool. You never know when it might come in handy.

You should raid your medicine cabinet for anything useful. Painkillers, antibiotics, cold medicine, allergy pills, etc. Everything you can get your hands on could become vital in the apocalypse. Along with the meds, make sure you have a first aid kit. When you’re on your own, away from any doctors, you’ll have to tend to your own wounds. Make sure you’re prepared.


Grab some blankets, and warm clothes. You won’t have any heaters. In winter especially, it can get cold enough to kill you if you aren’t able to keep yourself warm. Bundle up! Only light fires when it’s safe to do so, as the fire can draw walkers to you.


Lastly, you’ll need a bag to carry everything in. Something big enough to hold the necessities, but you don’t want to weigh yourself down too much. You need to be able to run and fight. If the bag is too big and heavy it will become a liability. So, pack carefully.


Come back next week for more helpful tips and tricks!


Your favourite little berry,

Luna Rose Allan

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Raven Lovelace

Raven Lovelace That's epic!

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Vincent Delaney Helpful tips! Wonderful job, Luna <3

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Faolan Tierney Very well done! Some great tips ♡

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Everest Kensington Yessssss <3

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Dead user Nicely done, Luna!

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Esmeralda Raven Wonderful Blog, Luna <3

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Dead user This looks amazing Luna! <3 great job

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Dead user Great tips!

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Dead user Great job Luna! <3 <3 <3

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