Dessa's Deadly DIY: defense against the dead
We've been fighting this apocalypse for some time now. Our community is doing amazing, because we got amazing trainers to teach us to stay safe. But.... what do we do when the apocalypse hits in the world beyond the screen? Right! We fight! And I will teach you some nifty DIYs to give you a head start.

- From : Odessa Valyrion

Howdy all! I haven't treated you on a DIY last week so this week I will try and teach you how to make something we are selling IG too, cool huh!


Disclaimer: WorldofWalkers is not responsible for your safety and the things you do outside of our website. Be careful and DON'T do stupid shit with the craft we are building today.


You might have seen them in store. Those funny little finger crossbows! They are effective and fun and you can built them in real life too with some things you probably have in your drawer!


Again, this is just for fun and not to use on people.(unless a irl zombie apocalypse occurs, feel free to use it on zombies for selfdefense then) 


Okay to build one crossbow you will need:

4 unsharpened pencils with erasers at the top (don't want you poking your eyes out)

2 thick rubberbands

2 push pins

1 binder clip


that's it.  You ready? Ok, just do as I do and you'll have a cool DIY mini crossbow!


First things first: Make sure the binder clip ends are folded down going along side of the body to the clip.


Take two pencils and place them along the flat side of the clip. Then using one of the rubber bands, secure the pencils to the clip by going around, twisting in between, about 4 times. It should then look like this: 20140519_100537.jpg

Next, Thread a pencil through the binder clip going perpendicular to the other pencils.


Cut the remaining rubber band on one side so you have a long flat piece. Take one of the push pin and push it through the middle of the rubber band about 1/4 of an inch from the end. (that's about 0,5-0,6cm Europeans)


Then push the push pin into the middle of the eraser of the pencil you just threaded through the binder clip. Repeat on the other side of the same pencil only push it into the wood just to the side of the lead. (Some pencils use harder wood and it takes a little fiddling.)


Make sure your rubber band is on the side of the binder clip and you are ready to load!


Take your one remaining pencil, wood side first so the eraser is the tip of your arrow (again, be careful and don't aim at eyes), load the pencil from the front of the cross bow through the binder clip.


alright, aim, strech and fire! Want to see it in action? Check this out! Tip: play in slow motion :D

That's all folks. Tune in next week for another DIY with me, Odessa "Dessa" Valyrion (soon to be Adams)

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Dead user

Dead user my class? :o

Faolan Tierney

Faolan Tierney -would totally use this on Luk-

Lukrezia Tierney

Lukrezia Tierney That is so cute! Just... pop everyone and they would never know. Add an innocent whistle and you for sure are safe. Great work Dessa XD love it!

Ezra Summers

Ezra Summers Stupendous work! I am not such one for archery myself, but I'd surely fancy constructing such a thing as this for more mischievous uses.

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