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Welcome to Throwback Thursday's with Davros Zuek! Incase you had No idea that this site was all about The Walking Dead and the groups fabulous adventures, you have come to the right place my friend! Never watched The Walking Dead? Don't worry I have got you covered. So it is time! Drum roll please!

- From : Odessa Valyrion





Episode Four - Cherokee Rose

Carl Grimes recovers from his operation to remove fragments of a bullet, which he had received earlier when encountering a deer. He asks his father Rick if his friend Sophia Peletier is alright. Since Sophia is still missing, Rick reluctantly lies to Carl and tells him that she is fine.LYING IS BAD KIDDO'S Dale Horvath , Daryl Dixon, Andrea and Carol Peletier move the vehicles and set up camp at the Greene home and are introduced to the Greene family. There, they lead a funeral procession for their ranch hand, Otis. Shane Walsh is asked to share Otis' final moments; Shane sticks to his lie that Otis had sacrificed his life to save Carl, while in reality Shane sacrificed Otis.(Fucking dick.) Along with Hershel Greene and his daughter Maggie, the group organize Sophia's search.(AHHHH. I must stay contained.) Since Shane is still injured and Rick is too weak from blood loss, Daryl ventures out on his own. Daryl eventually finds an abandoned house, but does not locate Sophia. He finds a cherokee rose, which is a Native American sign in which the gods protected their children, and gives it to Carol.(Aww. So cute.) Maggie asks the group for help to remove a bloated walker that fell into a freshwater well before it contaminates the water. Glenn is lowered down and saddles the walker with rope to pull it out, but as the group pulls it out, its body is ripped in half, its lower half falling back into the well and contaminating it.(It was a stupid plan...) Maggie and Glenn decide to venture to the local pharmacy to find more supplies. Before he leaves, Lori asks Glenn to find a pregnancy test for her. At the pharmacy, Glenn is flustered with Lori's request, and Maggie seduces and has sex with him before they return.(YOU GO GLENN! WOHOO...Wrong time? Sorry. Let's get back to hte story.) Rick and Hershel tour the farmland, where Hershel reveals that the group has to leave once Carl fully recovers. Rick manages to convince Hershel for the group to stay for the meantime. However, there are rules they must follow. Rick pleads with Hershel to not force them to leave and to reconsider his request. Later on, Rick is up in the room where Carl is recovering in bed. Once Carl wakes up, Rick admits that he lied to him about Sophia; Carl reveals that his mother already told him the truth. Meanwhile, the pregnancy test reveals that Lori is pregnant.(Well you did have sex without a condom. So...I really hope kids arnt reading this!)


Episode Five- Chupacabra

In the opening flashback, Lori and Shane, escaping to a refugee center at the onset of the walker epidemic, watch in horror as military helicopters drop napalm on Atlanta.(Boom) In the present, the survivors continue their search for the missing Sophia. Hershel expresses his concern to Rick that his group has gotten too comfortable on his farmlands. Hershel is particularly concerned on how close Glenn and his daughter Maggie appear to be. Meanwhile, Glenn accidentally learns Lori is pregnant, and she asks him to keep it a secret from Rick.(WHY?!YOU SLEPT WITH HIM.) During a search party, Shane tells Rick the search is pointless and they should continue on to Fort Benning. Rick later confides in Lori that Shane may be right. Lori privately confronts Shane, reminding him that her and Carl's well-being are no longer his problem.(Man this family...Am I right guys?) Daryl goes out on horseback searching for Sophia, eventually coming across her doll in a river bed. As he follows the river, a snake frightens his horse and he is thrown, and is severely wounded by one of his crossbow bolts in the fall. He starts to hallucinate his missing brother Merle, who berates him for spending more time searching for Sophia than him. Daryl wakes in time to find a walker chewing on his shoe; he quickly dispatches it and another approaching walker, and takes their ears as a trophy necklace.(Thats what I call fashion.) Daryl limps towards the farm, and from a distance, is mistaken as a walker; Andrea inadvertently shoots him, grazing his head and knocking him unconscious. Rick reaches Daryl first, and hides the walker ear necklace before Hershel can see it. Daryl is treated and when he wakes, tells Carol what he had found, for which she is grateful.(I truly love these two!) Carol and Lori attempt to repay Hershel for his hospitality by cooking dinner, but tensions remain high. Maggie discretely passes Glenn a note asking him when they can have sex again.(Pft.PFT.Why him. I'm good looking too. c;) However, both Hershel and Dale Horvath witness this. Glenn writes a reply and returns the note. After dinner, Maggie reads Glenn's reply and is horrified as he promised to wait in the barn for her. She rushes to try to stop him but is too late as Glenn discovers the barn is filled with walkers.(WELL SHIT.)


Episode Six- Secrets

After he inadvertently discovers the presence of walkers in the Greene barn, Maggie begs Glenn to keep it a secret. Dale quickly notices Glenn's nervousness, and when he talks privately to Glenn, Glenn blurts out about the walkers as well as his knowledge that Lori Grimes is pregnant. Dale confronts Hershel about the walkers. Hershel believes they are still people, including his wife and stepson, and can be cured, and refuses to kill them after Dale explains the danger. Meanwhile, Rick and Lori argue on what to do with Hershel's demand to leave the farm, now that Carl is healed. Rick, Shane and T-Dog give gun training to Jimmy, Carl and the women on the farm. Shane  takes Andrea aside to give her advanced training after seeing how good she is with a weapon, but she is unable to hit a moving target. Shane tries to encourage her to remember her dead sister, Amy, but this only causes Andrea to storm away. Andrea and Shane then go off to town after Shane finds a lead on the missing Sophia, but find it overrun by walkers. They escape after Andrea rediscovers her shooting abilities, and the two subsequently begin an affair. Dale senses something amiss and warns Shane to stay away from Andrea, as well as his suspicion of what happened to Otis while he and Shane went searching for medical supplies, and his contempt for Rick. Shane denies the accusations and threatens to shoot Dale should he make any more. Maggie and Glenn go on another supply run at Lori's request, specifically looking for morning after pills. Maggie and Glenn discuss the walker situation on the farm, with Maggie sharing the same attitude as her father Hershel. At the pharmacy, Maggie is attacked by a walker but Glenn intervenes and subdues it before it harms Maggie. Back on the farm, Maggie confronts Lori about being almost killed due to her request, and tells Glenn the rest of the group is using him as "walker bait". Glenn later tells Lori that she should tell Rick about her pregnancy soon. Lori contemplates the act of raising a child in this world, and decides to take the pills, but after a moment, runs away from their camp to immediately regurgitate them. Rick sees the pills and goes to find Lori, who admits she was in a relationship with Shane before Rick found them. Rick reveals he already knew about this.



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