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Welcome to Throwback Thursday's with Davros Zuek! Incase you had No idea that this site was all about The Walking Dead and the groups fabulous adventures, you have come to the right place my friend! Never watched The Walking Dead? Don't worry I have got you covered. So it is time! Drum roll please!

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Episode One - What Lies Ahead

Rick Grimes leads the group of survivors from Atlanta towards Fort Benning following the destruction of the CDC there. Rick attempts to contact Morgan Jones but cannot reach him. (Best friends <3) Along a highway, the group is forced to stop as a number of abandoned cars litter the road, making it impossible to pass,further, Dale must stop to fix his RV. As the others push cars out of the way and scavenge for supplies, a horde of walkers appear behind them. The group take shelter under cars to avoid conflict, though in his haste, T-Dog severely cuts his arm.(Dumbarse) Some walkers spot Sophia, daughter of Carol Peletier, hiding under a car, and she flees into the nearby forest. Rick follows her and tells her to find someplace safe to hide while he dispatches the walkers. The horde soon passes, and the group returns to clearing the road, while Rick and Daryl Dixon attempt to find Sophia. While Rick is gone, Shane Walsh tells Rick's wife Lori that he plans to leave the group on his own accord. Rick and Daryl return unsuccessfully, and the group spends the night to resume the search the next day. Carol berates Rick for losing Sophia. During the search, Andrea confronts Dale about her decision to stay at the CDC and wanting to die on her own terms, and his choice to stay with her took that chance away from her. The group finds a small church and dispatch the few walkers inside. As Carol prays for the return of her daughter, Andrea overhears Shane arguing with Lori about his leaving, and she tells him she wants to go with him. Rick, seeing the group starting to break apart, questions his leadership abilities and also prays for guidance. Rick, Shane, and Rick's son Carl go hunting for food, and spot a deer nearby. As Carl goes up closer(Is was a bootiful momment), a gunshot rings out, and Carl finds he has been shot in the stomach, falling over to Rick's shock.HE DIES! :3 Or does he?


Episode Two- Bloodletting

In a flashback, Lori Grimes is talking with other mothers about a fight she had with her husband, Rick. Rick's partner, Shane Walsh, pulls up in a police cruiser and tells Lori that Rick has been severely wounded in a highway shootout. Lori then tells her and Rick's son, Carl the news, causing him to break down in tears. In the present, Carl has been accidentally shot by a man named Otis, who was hunting for deer. Otis brings Rick, Carl and Shane to a veterinarian named Hershel Greene, for whom Otis works as a farm hand. Hershel lives with his daughters Maggie  and Beth , Beth's boyfriend Jimmy, and Otis' wife Patricia . He treats Carl, but he reveals that the bullet was broken into six fragments. Rick must donate blood to Carl in order to keep him alive. Lori, Glenn , Carol , Daryl , and Andrea are still searching for Carol's daughter, Sophia, when they overhear a gunshot. Meanwhile, on the highway, Dale  believes that T-Dog has contracted a blood infection from the wound he received in the previous episode, and both search for antibiotics, but they fail to find any.(He dies, Soz guys. And sorry for the lack of comments! I just can't make any jokes :C) At the Greene farm, Hershel reveals that Carl needs major surgery to live, and that he will need a respirator. Otis suggests that they might find supplies at a nearby high school—where the Federal Emergency Management Agency has set up a trailer—although the place is likely overrun with walkers. Otis and Shane decide to get the supplies, while Maggie retrieves Lori from the group and brings her to the Greene home. Rick and Hershel discuss the walker epidemic; Rick believes there is no cure, while Hershel has faith that there could be one. The group searching for Sophia returns to the highway, where Daryl reveals that he has a bag containing painkillers and doxycycline antibiotics that T-Dog can take. Shane and Otis retrieve the supplies, but are spotted by walkers. The two have no choice but to barricade themselves in the high school.What will happen next? Well your about to find out!


Episode Three- Save the Last One

With Shane Walsh and Otis missing for hours, Hershel Greene informs Rick Grimes and his wife Lori that he must perform the surgery on their son Carl without the necessary equipment. Andrea and Daryl Dixon  go out in search of Sophia Peletier, following her mother Carol weeping for her loss. Daryl tells Andrea about his childhood, and expresses hope that they will successfully locate Sophia. They stumble upon an abandoned campsite, where a person had committed suicide by hanging themselves from a tree and now has become an undead walker. Daryl insists that they leave the walker alone, but Andrea firmly refuses. He asks her if she wants to continue living, to which she exclaims uncertainty. Daryl euthanizes the walker as they leave. Upon returning to the camp, Dale Horvath attempts to reconcile with Andrea by returning her handgun. Glenn and T-Dog  journey to the Greene home. There, Glenn begins to pray for the well-being of his fellow survivors, while T-Dog receives medical treatment for blood poisoning. Meanwhile Carl goes in and out of consciousness, and briefly recalls his encounter with the deer before going into a seizure. A distraught Lori opines to Rick about ending Carl's suffering, but Rick insists on keeping him alive. At the high school, Shane and Otis split up after struggling against a horde of walkers. Both injure their legs while escaping, slowing their progress down. Shane and Otis seemingly are out of options for survival. They begin to limp back to their truck, eventually running low on ammo. Rick and Lori decide to do the operation without the necessary equipment. As they prepare for the operation, Shane arrives with the medical supplies, but without Otis. He claims that Otis sacrificed himself in order to save Carl. The episode flashes back to show Shane sacrificed Otis by shooting him in the leg and leaving him as bait for the walkers while he escaped with the medicine. The episode ends in the present, with Shane shaving his head, wiping out evidence of a bald spot of torn hair caused by Otis during their brief scuffle.



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