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Welcome to Throwback Thursday's with Davros Zuek! Incase you had No idea that this site was all about The Walking Dead and the groups fabulous adventures, you have come to the right place my friend! Never watched The Walking Dead? Don't worry I have got you covered. So it is time! Drum roll please!

- From : Odessa Valyrion





Episode Ten -18 Miles Out

Randall (Michael Zegen), the teenager who Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) rescued, has fully recovered from his leg injury. Rick and Shane Walsh (Jon Bernthal) tie him up, gag him with duct tape and blindfold him, with plans to leave him at a school 18 miles from the farm. En route, Rick confronts Shane about what Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies) has told him, including Shane's attraction to Lori and Shane's involvement in Otis' death. At the school, they find a secure building and leave Randall there with a knife. As they leave, Randall pleads to take them back, and then says he had gone to school with Maggie Greene (Lauren Cohan) and knows her father Hershel (Scott Wilson), suggesting he knows the farm's location. Shane prepares to kill Randall, but Rick tackles him. During the fight that follows, Rick is able to defeat Shane, who angrily breaks a window that releases a horde of walkers in the building. Shane takes safety in a school bus while Rick rescues Randall back to their vehicle. After contemplating leaving Shane, Rick returns to help Shane get to safety as well. They regag Randall and return to the farm. Rick tells Shane that he will need to follow his orders to remain part of the group. At the farmhouse, Lori, Maggie, and Andrea (Laurie Holden) are taking care of Maggie's younger sister Beth (Emily Kinney), who is now conscious. Maggie confides that Glenn (Steven Yeun) has lost confidence because he feels their relationship made him lose focus at the shootout in the bar, hence Lori advises her to make Glenn "man up". The women eventually realize Beth has become suicidal and place her under suicide watch. Lori and Andrea argue; Andrea believes the decision to stay alive should be Beth's alone, while Lori strongly disagrees; Andrea and Lori criticize each other in the process. Andrea then proceeds to take over responsibility for Beth, after convincing Maggie to take a break. She locks Beth inside the room, opens the bathroom door, and leaves Beth alone to make her own choice. She advises the pain will never subside, "but you make room for it". Beth attempts suicide by using a shard of broken mirror to cut her wrist, but Maggie and Lori manage to pry the bathroom door open in time to save Beth, who is bleeding profusely but relatively okay. Andrea returns to the house to check on Beth and is confronted by a furious Maggie. Andrea reasons that she allowed Beth to explore her choices, and Beth is now more convinced than ever that suicide is not an option. Maggie condemns Andrea's actions and forbids her from ever again setting foot inside the house.


Episode Eleven- Judge, Jury, Executioner

Daryl (Norman Reedus) beats and interrogates Randall (Michael Zegen) in the barn. Randall admits he comes from a larger group of men, who had once found and raped two girls in front of their father. The group agrees that Randall is an imminent threat, and Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) believes he should be executed but waits until sunset. Dale (Jeffrey DeMunn) finds most of the group agree with Rick's decision, and attempts to change their minds by appealing to their humanity, civilization and morality. Most agree with Rick's choice for various reasons, but Shane (Jon Bernthal) agrees to support Dale should he be able to convince the others to change their minds. As the day progresses, Rick's son Carl (Chandler Riggs) becomes restless and sneaks into the barn to observe Randall; Randall tries to convince Carl to release him. Shane discovers Carl's presence and scolds him. Outside, Carol (Melissa McBride) attempts to cheer Carl up by reminding him Sophia is in heaven, but he lashes out at her. Carl ends up taking a gun from Daryl's stash and heading into the nearby swamp alone. He finds a walker half-stuck in mud, and taunts it by throwing rocks at it and then moves in close to shoot it in the head. The walker suddenly frees one of its legs and lurches forward; Carl panics and drops the gun before running back to camp, not telling anyone what happened. Meanwhile, Beth (Emily Kinney) has since recovered from her earlier suicide attempt. When Glenn (Steven Yeun) comes to check on her condition, Hershel (Scott Wilson) gives him a family heirloom representing his approval of Glenn's relationship with his daughter Maggie (Lauren Cohan). At sunset, the group discusses Randall's fate, and Dale's arguments have failed to sway the group, and he storms out. Rick, Shane, and Daryl return to the barn and Rick prepares to shoot Randall when Carl runs in and urges his father to do it. Rick is horrified and stops the execution, much to Shane's annoyance. Dale walks alone in the fields to cool off when he comes across a cow that has had its stomach gutted. Realizing the danger, he is about to head back when a walker attacks him. The group races towards his screams, and Daryl quickly dispatches the walker; Carl realizes it is the walker he found in the swamp. Hershel finds Dale's injures are too severe and he will not survive. The group agrees to euthanize Dale, but Rick himself cannot take the shot. Daryl takes the revolver and ends Dale's suffering.


Episode Twelve- Better Angels

Dale Horvath's death has profoundly impacted the group cohesion. Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), reflecting back on Dale's last words that the group is "broken," abandons Randall's (Michael Zegen) execution and plans to release the boy. Hershel Greene (Scott Wilson) allows the group to stay as winter approaches, and they help to gather supplies and secure the property from walkers. A guilt-ridden Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs) discloses his role in the events surrounding Dale's death, and Rick helps to console him. Shane Walsh (Jon Bernthal) is left speechless after Lori Grimes (Sarah Wayne Callies) expresses all of her feelings to Shane, including uncertainty, regret, and appreciation toward her former lover in an attempt to keep him stationed with the group. Shane sneaks into the barn, and takes Randall at gunpoint out into the woods. There, he breaks Randall's neck, killing him, and then smashes his own face against a tree and hides his gun. Shane returns just as Randall's absence is discovered. Shane lies that Randall had escaped and overpowered him before running into the woods. Rick, Shane, Daryl (Norman Reedus), and Glenn (Steven Yeun) set off to find Randall. They split up, with Shane leading Rick in one direction. Daryl and Glenn discover Randall, now reanimated as a walker, which they dispatch before investigating the body and finding he died from the broken neck, but had not suffered any bite marks from a walker. They question how Randall had become a walker. Meanwhile, Shane continues to lead Rick back towards the farm, but Rick has grown suspicious that Shane wants to assassinate him. Shane draws his gun on Rick, but Rick refuses to engage, challenging Shane to kill an unarmed man. Rick continues to talk to Shane, allowing him to get close enough to stab Shane in the chest. Shane collapses and dies, as Rick grieves for his lost friend. As he is mourning, Carl walks up, and then aims his gun towards Rick. Rick thinks Carl is upset that he killed Shane and tries to plea with him. Rick is surprised when Carl fires at the re-animated body of Shane that was advancing on Rick from behind, killing him. Unbeknownst to them, Carl's gunshot has attracted the attention of a horde of walkers in the nearby woods that start to advance on their location.




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