Aspen's Animal Dopplegangers
So, we already know this place can be a bit of damn zoo, am I right? Well, it just so happens that in my spare time around this place (and maybe enjoying a bit of extra free time in the archives *wink wink*), I may have stumbled on some less than flattering photographs of some of you people. I mean, they’re pretty damn hilarious themselves. BUT. and I mean a very fucking big BUTT. It’s so much FUN to compare them to a few choice photos I found of you guys and your animals and just some snapshots from old Discovery Channel booklets and shit. So, without further ado, I bring to you some Animal Doppelgangers. Enjoy that. Relish it. (It’s not as fun as blood, but it’s something)

- From : Aspen Elysium

This guy is always around in the Town Square. I mean, it's like he never leaves. I think he even sleeps there, which would explain his always fucked up mess of hair. We all know Adam Vimear has some crazy hair days, but even this picture of him is a little bit… wtf, man? But it’s so fulfilling when you see it right next to this:




We all know he's a pretty big nerd. And I for one would be good with the Revenge of the Siths >:3 (Lightsabers in the apocalypse. Red ones! BLOOD!)

Anyone else get tired of that screeching he does in there? I mean, ffs. Kinda reminds you of this: 




Like, I thought that shit was extinct. Can we not? 

Then if you really mess with him, he'll give you this surprised face:




And he'll probably get all pouty until someone gives him some sort of affection, but fuck that, amiright?

Why don't you just give him some food. He'll be alright. >:3 We all know how he likes to shove things in his mouth. 



Last but not least, we all know how many pets he and Avara have. It's only right that they've become some sort of weird ass kids or something to him. He's even began to resemble them a bit: 



I would be lying if I said that was all the weird shit I could dig up on our Cheif Editor, Adam Vimear. But if you really want to see some strange shit, just stick around Town Square long enough and he'll show up. Then you can take even more photos and send them to me >:3 


You can see this pretty much everywhere if you know where to look. I mean, it can get pretty monotonous being safe here in the walls, doing lessons. Gotta get your kicks where you can get em right? So if you see anyone around town that resembles one of our livestock or your Aunt Bessie's shorthair chihuahua, then send me a mail with the deets. I'll gladly post that shit in here so we can all get our kicks. I'll be here every Tuesday, so don't miss me too much while I'm gone. 


P.S. I like wine. Get on my good side. 

And remember, "Those who slay together, stay together" >:3

(permission given to use images of Adam and his consent for the words)


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Odessa Valyrion

Odessa Valyrion I've read it so many times...I'm laughing for days now *is caught in fits of giggles*

Hadlee Clover

Hadlee Clover Oh my, this is Adam to the core.... ya get your ass some affection daily XD

Hunter Smithe

Hunter Smithe Hahaha! This is hilarious!

Dead user

Dead user oh my lord *snorts and falls onto floor in manly giggles*

Margaret Wider

Margaret Wider Haha really great! :D

Wyatt Everett

Wyatt Everett Awwww! My poor Cheif Editor XD You got roasted!

Lukrezia Tierney

Lukrezia Tierney hahaha this is hilarious!

Adam Vimear

Adam Vimear You know you wanna give me and my "supposed to be extinct" ass some affection >:}

Xuan Mai

Xuan Mai Fucking brilliant :')

Vincent Delaney

Vincent Delaney You really captured the spirit of our wonderful Chief Editor there Aspen. Nice work. xD

Lainey Peters

Lainey Peters Fantastic blog! It made me laugh out loud!

Kathe Olsen

Kathe Olsen This is so accurate it hurts hahahaha

Derik Flannery

Derik Flannery LMAO Good one Aspen >:]

Clementine Emito

Clementine Emito Great post! Was hilarious!

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