Walking Dead: Aftershow Pheelz
I come bearing gifts to all my hungry little walkers today. No, it’s not my brains. It’s the inside scoop of the Walking Dead’s After Show Pheelz with of course me, Queen Savior, to give you the teasing morsels of what just happened on this week’s edition of the Walking Dead. Ya’ll better be wearing your shit pants cause some serious Negany things are about to go down.

- From : Ophelia Lovecraft

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Dead user

Dead user I love this article Ophelia. :3

Dead user

Dead user Writing wise, I wish the saviors were allowed to put up some kind of counter fight. -.- Way too one sided.

Vincent Delaney

Vincent Delaney Excellent job Ophieeeee!! Looking forward to next week's recap!

Odessa Valyrion

Odessa Valyrion thank you so much for writing it <3

Dead user

Dead user This is awesome! It was a great episode! Thank you for covering it!

Miles Everett

Miles Everett G-great job, Phelia...

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