Behind the mask of .... Kaia Vale Rayne
Have you ever wondered if the person behind the character is exactly the same as their IG self? Like: does Faolan really love animals? Is William Mortdecai the reason why rum is always gone in real life too? And how about Lukrezia? Does she secretly adore pineapple pizza? Well SoMe is here to reveal some of the similarities and differences! Odessa met a little bad ass the other day and can't wait to introduce her to you all!

- From : Odessa Valyrion

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David Ackermann

David Ackermann SHARKS

Faolan Tierney

Faolan Tierney Ooh that was a really good read! Sharks are amazing and Shaw and you are just too adorable xD

Shaw Rayne

Shaw Rayne Wow Kaia I really learned a lot about you. I am happy to hear you and that Shaw guy are doing so well he sounds nice. You should marry him sometime

Kaia Rayne

Kaia Rayne *loves her best friend so much <3*

Cailean Oliphant

Cailean Oliphant Good ta get to know you a bit, ill never understand ya and that strange Shaw

Sadie Hyde

Sadie Hyde *cements her presence in Kaia's life*

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