*Walker Twister: Movies with a Twist*: Pirates of the Caribbean
With Walkers taking over the world its no wonder if popular movies, books or video games get a slight twist on them. Here you can check out a few popular titles and new descriptions with a bloody good walker twist added to them.

- From : Lilja Valdis


William Turned, a resourceful young walker, teams up with the eccentric pirate walker "Captain" Jack Spare-no-one to save his love, the Governor's older walker daughter, Elizabeth Swamp, who has been mistakenly captured by the clever and treacherous Bloodbossa, a former ally of Jack Spare-no-one, to make a blood sacrifice so as to end the curse that has been casted upon him and his crew of becoming human eating walkers. Will and Jack Spare-no-one steal a boat from the Saviors and arrive at Oceanside, a water port. There Jack meets his friend Joshamee Giblets and with a buccaneer and "bloodied bodied" walker crew, set out to save Elizabeth Swamp and take back the Black Plague, a boat that Jack loves dearly that is covered in the most disgusting things to fear people off. Meanwhile, Bloodbossa discovers that not Elizabeth's but someone else's blood was required for the sacrifice. Whose blood (and probably a little bit of guts) is it?


William and Elizabeth are sentenced to 'another' death for being in contact with Jack Spare-no-one. For saving Elizabeth Swamp, Turned accepts to bring Jack's bloodbag in exchange for his and Elizabeth's freedom to roam the world and eat who they wanted. Meanwhile, Jack is being hunted by Dumpy Jones. Elizabeth escapes from a prisoncell in Alexandria to look for Will. Jack agrees to trade Will his bloodbag if he finds a special item that will open a special chest.....cavity. To find the item, Will goes aboard the Flying Walker Dutchman, upon which he gets captured. He is reunited with his father on the Flying Walker Dutchman. He finds the item and escapes the boat. Meanwhile, Jack gets Elizabeth to find the chest cavity containing the heart of Dumpy Jones. Will and Elizabeth reunite on in a junkyard and open the chest to find the heart of Dumpy Jones. While Jack Spare-no-one wants it to settle his debt to Dumpy Jones, Will wants it to free his father and another person wants it for his own needs. Who is this mysterious walker and what does he want to do with it?

After Elizabeth, Will, and Captain Bloodbossa rescue Captain Jack Spare-no-one from the the land of the dead and bloody, they must face their foes, Dumpy Jones and Lord Cuther Bloodbucket. Bloodbucket, now with control of Jones' heart, forms a dark alliance with him in order to rule the little water left and wipe out the last of the walker Pirates. Now, Jack, Bloodbossa, Will, Elizabeth, Tia Darkmatter, and walker crew must call the Walker Lords from the four corners of the area, including the infamous Negan, to gathering. The Walker Lords want to release the goddess Walker Corpso, Dumpy Jones's damned lover, from the trap they sent her out of fear, in which the Walker Lords must combine the 9 body pieces that bound her by blood ritual to undo it and release her in hopes that she will help them fight. With this, all Walker pirates will stand together and will make their final stand for freedom against Bloodbucket, Dumpy Jones, Negan, the Flying Walker Dutchman, and the entire Savior group.

In Hilltop, Captain Jack Spare-no-one escapes from the guards that are chasing him and learns that an impostor is recruiting a walker crew and a vessel using his name. He meets the impersonator and finds that she actually is Angry-lica, a walker that he had seduced in a convent in a junkyard. Jack is abducted and when he awakes aboard, the boat is sailing, Angry-lica tells him that her father, the pirate Bloodbeard, is cursed and he needs to find the legendary Ponce on survivor's Fountain of Youth and slaughter to save his life. They force Jack, who knows the location of the Fountainof Youth and Slaughter, to guide them. Meanwhile, Bloodbossa is hired by King Rick to lead the Alexandria crew and dispute against the Saviors and Bloodbeard who arrives first in the fountain. But along their dangerous quest, they need to find first two chalices that belonged to Ponce on survivor's and a tear from a pond walker.


Captain SaltAndTar, a deadly walker who escapes the water around Hilltop with his walker crew and is taking over the water in search of his arch-rival and author of all his pain, Jack Spare-no-one. In the meantime, Jack is approached by a boy who needs to locate the Trident of ProwlNdown, something he believes only Spare-no-one can help him find. Carrie Smiteher a walker astronomer and horologist joins the team to help them find something she believes her father had always wanted her to find. Jack Spare-no-one only hope is to find the mythical Trident of ProwlNdown, who's master gets control of all the water and walkers in them, or so it's said.

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William Mortdecai

William Mortdecai Familiar faces! Whooo!

David Ackermann

David Ackermann Ohhh!! Love this :O The images alone made me laugh XD Well done!! ♥

Chlo Edwards

Chlo Edwards Oml. This is too funny. I need to see those some times! I love Pirates of the Caribbien. So funny, Lil ^-^

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