King Arthur
SoMe's very own "King" Arthur will be sharing his views on the apocalypse. Every edition he shares his experiences, opinion and more!

- From : Odessa Valyrion


Hello there and welcome to the third ever blog " King Arthur ".
Where is it, where is it, where is i- oh yeah i found it !

So today i'm going to show you three of my heroes that survived through the apocalypse. Or at least tried to, but the point is that they did their best and you know, they were the most badass idols for me. I tried to follow their steps but... it's hard, okay ? *sobs*


I would give more than three but i decided to split in two or three articles. This is the first one, you read ?

~ Tallahassee ( Zombieland ) ~

He's the biggest legend i ever seen in a movie !
He played in the Zombieland ( 2009 ) and he will be a part on the next one, that is coming on October.

I'm sure most of you know him already. He's good with guns, perhaps decisions (?) and such a scary person to be with. That says a lot. You can be sure you will survive, as long as you are in his team !!!

~ Tom Mason ( Falling Skies ) ~

He wasn't into a zombie apocalypse. But during an alien invasion. And by my point of view it's more difficult to handle this situation than zombies. Because aliens can think, have the technology and a plan.
I'm not sure i would be able to survive something like that, only if i would had Tom Mason in leadership.

As all humans he did mistakes but not that many that could hurt the humanity *Thinks he should use another gif than this*

~ Snake Plissken ( Escape from New York ) ~

He had just not more than 20 hours to get into NYC and rescue the president, while the whole town was conquered by rogues, killers and who can imagine what else ?
He's the man that does the " dirty " work and he just go to do it even without a well known plan.

I think he's the most strong anti-heroe i ever saw and i would be glad to work with him. I mean... yes he's better than me but that's not the point !


I hope you all enjoyed the blog and comment below your favorite characters !!!
Can't wait to see you next week *bows*


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Alexander Kensington

Alexander Kensington I love this!

Arthur McCarthy

Arthur McCarthy Perhaps the last one won't be for everyone, cause it's an old move XD :o

But you should see the rest *-*
And yep, there's a new Zombieland movie coming !!!

David Ackermann

David Ackermann Theres a new Zombieland coming out :O :O :O

Chlo Edwards

Chlo Edwards OHHH, I need to see thesee!!

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