*Walker Twister: Movies with a Twist*: Paranormal Activity
With Walkers taking over the world its no wonder if popular movies, books or video games get a slight twist on them. Here you can check out a few popular titles and new descriptions with a bloody good walker twist added to them.

- From : Lilja Valdis

A young walker couple, Killie and Munchies, move into a new home and Munchies records their life on his bloody video camera. After strange events in the night, Killie admits that as a young walker child, she had once experienced a ghostly dead presence in her room. She sensed its malevolence and now worries that it may now have followed her to their new place in a worn down shack. Munchies is skeptical and sets up his camera in their bedroom to record any overnight activity and them feeding on..humans. After a few days, they see their bedroom door move and it's clear there is a presence in their house that is not just a walker. Much worse is yet to come.

Deadly Ripper along with his wife, Krusty; daughter, Alivia; toddler son, Hunt-her, and their dog, move to Hilltop. A few days later their residence is broken into, however, nothing appears to be missing. In order to prevent re-occurrences, they install a number of old and worn out security cameras that will record everything on a DVR. After they hire a Spanish-speaking living survivor nanny to look after Hunt-her, she informs them that there is something wrong in their house and performs blood rituals, much to the hatred of Deadly, who lets her go after taking a nice bite out of her. He will subsequently regret this decision as more inexplicable and strange incidents occur, with Alivia concluding, after a research, that their house may be possessed by a demonic and evil walker entity.

In the beginning, in California, cinematographer Deadnis moves to the house of his walker girlfriend Jawlie to raise a family with her daughters Killie and Krusty. Little Krusty has an imaginary walker friend named Toebuy while weird things happen in the house. Deadnis decides to place cameras in the house to capture images during the night and soon he finds that there is a walker entity in the house. Deadnis’s  friend Rotten Rosen researches the events and learns that his house might be a area for a walker pit to form and the walker children may be in danger.

Killing is possessed by a walker demon, kills her sister Krusty, and runs away with Krusty's son Hunt-her. The story then jumps ahead five years later and focuses on walker siblings Allright and Wacky, Allright's walker boyfriend Beheaded, and a frightening little survivor boy across the street named Rob’em. Allright and Beheaded decide to use stolen and bloody laptop computers to document the frightening walker bloody occurrences that happen when Rob’em is around Allright's house. Rob’em seems especially interested in Allright's walker and bloated brother Wacky, and wants what he and Wacky do to be kept secret from Allright. Allright's parents are too detached, literally..a hand was found in the sofa one night, to notice the evil survivors and walkers emerging around them.

In Alexandria, the teenager Carl buys a camera in one of the many shops. Carl lives in an apartment on the second floor of a small residential building at his camp with his father and his girlfriend and his sister. In the floor below lives Maggie who people used to say that is a witch in the kitchen and a pro with her weapon. Carl has two friends in the building, Jerry and The king. When Maggie is found dead in her apartment and moaning ready to eat the next person who approaches, the prime suspect is Carl's friend Morgan who had just left her apartment. Carl, Jerry and The King snoop around Maggie's apartment and soon they find a sort of altar with photos of Jerry and The king. Then Jerry changes his behavior and soon they discover that Jerry was bitten by Maggie the walker. Will Carl and The King save Jerry from evil and turning into one of the undead?

A newly moved family finds a box of old VHS sets in their house. The family consists of the married couple Daryl and Carol , their young daughter Beth, and Dayrl's brother. Daryl and his brother decide to watch the tapes, and soon see that they film Killie and Krusty being taught how to be a walker by their grandmother. However, Killie notices the brother's presence, though the video was filmed many year before. In another box they find a camera that they soon discover allows them to see walkers more easily. Soon Beth becomes the victim of walker attacks, and Daryl must find a way to save his daughter.


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Odessa Valyrion

Odessa Valyrion there even is one more! I love these movies, but these walker versions always have me roaring with laughter :D

Chlo Edwards

Chlo Edwards Are there so many of those movies? ANd Daryl and Carol married? OML I WANT THAT! Does that happen? I KNOOOW Beth ain't the daughter of Daryl, right? Anyways! GREAT JOB LILJAAA

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