Dessa's Deadly DIY: Watch party edition!
Are you already counting down until season 8 returns? Do you want to celebrate the Walking Dead? How about we help you sett up for the BEST watch party the lucky people you call friends have ever seen? Well follow me. The upcoming weeks I will help you get mouthwatering snacks, tasty drinks, awesome decorations and unforgettable games!

- From : Odessa Valyrion

Alright so I've hooked you up with some awesome food recipies to get your party started. But, let's face it. No party is truelly lit without some drinks. So today, we march right back into the kitchen for the last time! 

I got some tasty drinks for you that fit our theme, but not to worry, all of these can be made without alcohol if you are underage or simple don't like to drink (or can't)

As always I picked out some easy to make, yet tasty topnotch and fun recepies for ya'll. 

 Blood and guts cocktail

IngredientsAfbeeldingsresultaat voor blood and guts cocktail
Any of these:

Raspberry Jello prepared

Grape Jello prepared
Strawberry Jello prepared
Watermelon Jello prepared
(just follow the instructions on the box/sachet, either of these flavours will do as long as the jello is red)


Per 2 cocktails (depends on your glass seizes though)

2 oz. Vodka (that's about 60ml europeans)

12 oz. Lemon Lime Soda aka sprite/7-up(about 350ml)

1 tbsp Grenadine 


For non alcohol drinkers: you can make a shirley temple. Just poor your juice over that jello and you will still have an awesome drink!


Add some of the prepared jello to a glass, you don't want perfect jello squares, choppy gives it a more realistic look!

Add in ice, vodka, and soda and stir gently.

Gently pour grenadine over the back of a spoon into the glass, the grenadine will cling to the foam from the soda for an extra bloody look.

Worm jello shots! (or homemade gummiworms for non alocholics)
Afbeeldingsresultaat voor gummy worms diy
Ok, these are superduper easy. 

Get out some Straws (the once you can bend, please keep them straight!)
Some red coloured jello (not pre-made!)
Some liqor for a kick, leave it out if you want them to be alcohol free!

Look at your box of jello. Prepare it like usual. If you want them to be jello shots, replace about 1/4 of the water needed with alcohol. Vodka works great.

Now set it aside in the fridge for a few minutes so it can thicken. We don't want it to be solid. So about 15-20 minutes.

If you're trying to freak someone out with crazy Halloween food or maybe even April Fool's, I can tell you confidently that you HAVE to try this recipe!Now get a mason jar and make sure your bendy straws are straight. It will give the wormlike texture. Put all in the jar until it's full and they can't more. 

The jello should still be fluid, but not as runny as at the beginning. It should feel lukewarm. Now pour the mixture into the straws and put it in the fridge for a day. That's it! Just push them out and serve in a bowl







Walker Punch!

Nothing can beat a good bowl of punch and allthough I like my drinks spiked, this walkerpunch is safe to drink for everyone! young, old, preggo's...

It's tasty and fun. Here's what you need!


  • 67 oz /2 liter Ginger Ale soda
  • 67 oz2 2 liter Cranberry Juice
  • 5oz/150ml Raspberry Sorbet {about 5 small scoops or 1/3 a pint}
  • 1 Food Safe Disposbale Glove
  • 12 Halloween Shaped Ice Cubes *or regular ones, but themed ones are more fun*

    So here's how it's going to go down:
  • Mix together cranberry juice and ginger ale {I start with 1/2 of the ginger ale and add more as the punch disappears}. 
  • Add a few scoops of raspberry sorbet on top.
  • For a spooky touch : ahead of time fill a food safe disposable glove with water and tie closed. Freeze the glove until solid.
  • Remove the glove from the ice hand mold and add to the punch.
  •  You can also add a tray of Halloween shaped ice cubes.
  • Serve with a ladle and cups and enjoy.

You can always spike it with some vodka or rum. But this honestly doesn't need the extra kick!

Last but not least. Get soda too! Just print some fun labels and turn those bottles into fun themed fizzy drinks that are safe to drink. You can even add some foodcolouring to lemon lime soda (sprite, 7-up) for a gory or toxic colour to fit the theme.


Afbeeldingsresultaat voor crystal reed with drink

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Garret Adams

Garret Adams Amazing job Babe!! Always enjoy reading these and getting awesome ideas from it!

Iris Beaumont

Iris Beaumont :o oh yum and gross at once! ahah

Yoonjae Kim

Yoonjae Kim This looks like a blast ;) Gotta try it sometime~

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