Dessa's Database
Alexandria is full of people that seemed to have superpowers of their own. Odessa Valyrion has created a database of Alexandriaś finest, fiercest and strongest survivors and each week you get the stats, so you know who to add to your crew to survive the world we live in.

- From : Odessa Valyrion

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Meeting place for Walking Dead Fans

Several years after a virus has run rampant across the United States, a group of survivors finds themselves without a safe haven once more. With starting a new one the best next option, they head up North and after many dangers faced, find a new, suitable place. Setting up defenses, the city of New York is still one full of threats, both known and unknown. Loosely based of the Walking Dead, Resident Evil and many other zombie related fandoms, you are able to take survival classes and role-play in forums where you will have the chance to fight creatures that you would only see in your worst nightmares. Are you ready to take up this challenge and join the survivors of the outbreak 20+ years after shit hit the fan? We sure hope you are.

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