*Walker Twister: Movies with a Twist*: Animated Movies!
With Walkers taking over the world its no wonder if popular movies, books or video games get a slight twist on them. Here you can check out a few popular titles and new descriptions with a bloody good walker twist added to them.

- From : Lilja Valdis

In this lauded Pixar animated bloody film, married superwalkers Mr. Bitecredible and Elastiwalker are forced to assume mundane lives as Bob and Hellen Parts after all super-walker activities have been banned by the government. While Mr. Bitecredible loves his wife and kids, he longs to return to a life of adventure and eating, and he gets a chance when summoned to an island to battle an out-of-control robothuman. Soon, Mr. Bitecredible is in trouble, and it's up to his family of undead to save him.

When a young girl named Ripey is uprooted from her Midwestern walker lifestyle and moves to the busy and chaotic walker city of San Frightcisco, her walker emotions ; Anger, Sadness, Disgust, Fear, and (her most important emotion) Joy to ear, start to disagree on how to deal with this dramatic change, which causes problems up in Headquaters with all the brains, the central undead living and working place for the five walker emotions.

Tired of being a baddie, video game villain Wreck it Walker decides to cut being evil and suddenly thinks it would be more fun to be good like his in game foe Fix it Rick. Determined to prove he is good, Walker sets out to prove he is a good walker. After sneaking into another game while winning a brain, he ends up accidentally bringing a deadly walker bug with him into a candy and blood coated racing game. On the other hand, Rick starts searching for Walker and must tell him that their game will be shut down if they don't return home. Walker's quest brings him to meeting young glitch biter Vilellope von Schweeteatz who wants to be a pro racer in her game. But when Walkers sees Vilellope's picture on the console, he discovers that someone wants to do away with her. And it will take all of Walker's guts, blood and strength to save not only the bloody candy game but the entire death arcade from being shut down permanently.

From the biggest walker elephant to the tiniest biter shrew, the city of Walkertopia is a beautiful and gutty metropolis where all undead animals live peacefully and dead with one another. Determined to prove her worth, Juicy Horrible becomes the first official walker bunny cop on the skin walker police force. When 14 bloody predator animals go missing, Juicy immediately takes the case. Partnering with a smooth talking undead fox named Nightmare Wilde, Juicy must piece together all the clues as to where the predators are and who is behind it all before more undead and killed.

When a devastating event befalls the city of San Fransokyo and catapults Hibrooder into the midst of danger, he turns to Bitemax and his close friends adrenaline junkie Go Go Terror, neatnik Wicked, chemistry and blood whiz Honey Lunatic and freakish Foul. Determined to uncover the mystery, Hibrooder transforms his friends into a band of high-tech walker heroes called "Big Walker 6."

On the fantastical island of Blood, Hicdead is an awkward 15-year old walker kid, living..sorta in the shadow of his undead Viking Chief of a father. In order to cement his manhood and earn the respect of his fellow dead vikings, Hicdead must tackle the tough task of capturing a walker dragon. During one of the village's battles, Hicdead believes he sees a Night Fury walker dragon, one of the most elusive walkers dragon on the island, and shoots it down. Curious to identify his shot, Hicdead goes looking for and indeed finds the walke dragonr, albeit trapped in a trap in a forest. Little does Hicdead realize the unlikely friendship, and discovery about the walker dragon species, that lies before him bloody and ready to eat.


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Odessa Valyrion

Odessa Valyrion ooeh these are freaky. I'd love to go to san frightsisco..but you can keep the walker dragons

Chlo Edwards

Chlo Edwards Omg love it. I might see inside out is bloody xD Anyway, great article!

Faolan Tierney

Faolan Tierney Another amazing article!

Lorena Dawson

Lorena Dawson The posters never fail to scare me~!

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