How to hack it in the wilderness with Dessa
An apocalypse can come at any given moment. Do you keep it cool or run around screaming, not knowing what to do? Fear no more! Dessa is here to learn you some unusual hacks so you too, can hack it in the wilderness!

- From : Odessa Valyrion

Hello boys and girls, dudes and dudettes and the occassional walker that knows how to read.

The apocalypse is upon us and as the wonderful wife of one of the former wilderness survival trainers I got to share my skills with all of you! The best thing about these blogs is.... you can use them in real life too!

So today I will teach you something that is one of the most important thing to have when you're out and surviving:  fire!

Yes fire might attract animals, other people or even walkers. But it also:
-keeps you warm
-boils water so it's more sterile
-helps you prep food
-Burn said animals, people and walkers

So basically fire is one of the important things and some survivers say it's the hardest thing to get if you don't know how to build it.

Now I've been out in the wild for some years and being married to a specialist will get you in the most amazing situations. It helps you get creative and I bet some of these hacks are unknown to a lot of people!

Getting your fire started
So we need to get a fire started. But let's be honest, we don't carry tinder around (no not that app) everywhere we go.  Even if you go camping, getting your campire started can be a time consuming pain in the butt.

But did you know you don't need a hella lot to start one?

I usually forget paper or lighter fluid or even tinder all together. Yes, I am not a great camper. But I do know how to survive. Because I always bring a lighter and... food!

Corn chips to be more specific. Doritos and well all other corn chips are very flamable! |
So basically always bring corn chips and a lighter of some matches and you will always be able to start a fire in minutes!

don't want to bring corn chips, because me... like to munch them way too much and are affraid you will eat all your makeshift tinder. There are other ways to get a fire quickly!

Most wilderness specialist like to bring some first aid stuff along their travels. And most kits have alcohol swabs. Why do they work? Well it's basically cotton drenched in alcohol. Alcohol is incendiary and catches flames fast and the cotton holds them so they last quite  a while.


And if you are a novice or non-smoker and didn't bring a lighter or matches? How the heck are we going to sett these two wonderful resources a cinder? Well most people atleast bring a flashlight which has batteries. Now... remember to always bring some tin foil too and you will have some flames in no time!

If you stick a piece of tin foil at both ends of the battery it will generate heat. It usually will get hot enough to produce flames to light your corn chips or alcohol swab.

So now you have some unusual ways to start your fire. I trust ya'll to be careful and don't kid around. These hacks can really burn you, your home and nature. We from World of Walkers are not responsible if you burn down your house, hurt yourself/others or let a forrest go up in smoke.


Next week I will learn you some hacks you can use when you, like Garret, tend to get hurt out in the wilderness. You don't want to die from small cuts that get infected and the sorts and I will get you some tips and tricks to prevent that.  See you next week!

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Zephyr Cave

Zephyr Cave Wonderful article!

Odessa Valyrion

Odessa Valyrion no chips for you

Lukrezia Tierney

Lukrezia Tierney But... I wanted to eat those chips

Kimberly Flynn

Kimberly Flynn What a great post it will be most useful

Faolan Tierney

Faolan Tierney Oh great! This can sure come in handy :D

Cataleya Dawson

Cataleya Dawson This is a very handy hack, Dessa! Thank you for sharing it. But we still need to be careful

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