Walking Dead: Aftershow Pheelz
I come bearing gifts to all my hungry little walkers today. No, it’s not my brains. It’s the inside scoop of the Walking Dead’s After Show Pheelz with of course me, Queen Savior, to give you the teasing morsels of what just happened on this week’s edition of the Walking Dead. Ya’ll better be wearing your shit pants cause some serious Negany things are about to go down.

- From : Ophelia Lovecraft


Viewer Discretion adviced with anytime Negan is mentioned.

Guys bear with me. My Gifs will be here soon. :c. I broke them all.


Gee whiz. It’s been a week already? I thought I was about to die of WD withdrawals without the grace of another new episode. I absolutely hate having to wait until Sunday. All the suspense and pressure it puts on me. Come on, guys! How could you do this to a gal? Just bless us with a show every day, then we’ll be happy Alexandrians, right? Probably not as happy as Carol. Cue a massive eye roll, please.


So, I’ll be “Damned” that this episode actually seemed to focus on yet again another suspenseful build up between The Saviors and Rick’s piss group of whiny butts, except for Jesus. However, to me, it felt like there were few words and more guns and shooting and killing. That’s usually fine! I mean, we all know the huge letdown Batman Vs. Superman was when they decided to spend half 1 hour and 30 minutes talking about what they were going to do and then the last 15 minutes, we’re briefly shown some sub-par action. It was disappointing. At the same time, I’ someone who builds with the sustenance of a character. Jesus a beautiful man and while I love seeing him destroying someone, I’d prefer to see the growth. You know what I mean, Vern?


All in all, it still was a good episode. The standoff is definitely moving in the right direction. I enjoyed watching each member of Rick’s group slowly take more a leadership position as they fought through the Savior Camp. The intro of the montage of faces was also a good touch, I’ll give that to them, though it should have just been all of Jesus’s face, we all know it to be true. As for the rest of it, there felt like there was something bad going to GO down. What could go wrong with all those people shooting at each other and attempting to hide behind cars?  I was sitting on the edge of my seat, totally making bets about who was going to die with our lovely Sheriff and low and behold. One of our Alexandrians “cutest couples” may have a bit of trouble in paradise. Also, I noticed how come no one double taps?! I think that was my biggest pet peeve, I saw a lot of shooting of characters and people dying but all I saw from the Survivors was them just carried on after their friends got shot everywhere else but the head! Really, guys, you are all just creating more walkers than we need at this point. How the logic fails them, I don’t know.


It was exciting though watch Jesus go full kungfoo on that pissed pants Savior. I don’t know why Saviors like to piss our pants, but it’s a weird fetish for sure. Can we actually just take a moment to talk about Jesus? I know I’m a Negan girl, but I think a lot of people sleep on this total BA. When we first met him, he completely demolished Rick with his ninja-y skills and showed us he was someone to fear if he was angered, even with his typical Guardians speal of “This is not what we do” towards Morgan. Ugh, he’s just so beautiful, makes me want to cry. Can he just come take the wheel and lead me to the bedroom?


Let’s end it off with Ezekiel and Carol. We know those two have gotten close over the last season but seriously, Carol stop being such a Debby Downer and ruining E’s groove. We’ll toss you out of the temple if you keep it up with that “It all will go wrong” talk Even E is suffering hearing you put down his usual typically victorious stance and optimism. I think we got like a half smile out of you. Can’t you just go join Sophia yet? Please? I mean, you have your benefits but at the same time, you irk me. Does she irk any of ya’ll?


Oh, let's not to mention we saw a less friendly ghost of seasons past. I can't believe that sorry sap is still alive but man. Where are your wife and kids? Then that walker baby, or is it really a sleeping baby? Who knows? We don't because of Rick, our daddy, had a complete meltdown.





Post your feelings about this episode down in the comments below, let's get to discussing and dissecting this rotten corpse of an episode. Don't worry, Aftershow Pheelz will be back next weekend or you can personally throw me to the walkers.

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