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Welcome back to Throwback Thursday's with Davros Zuek! Incase you had No idea that this site was all about The Walking Dead and the groups fabulous adventures, you have come to the right place my friend! Never watched The Walking Dead? Don't worry I have got you covered. And may I mention that these next episodes will have some sensitive subjects and is to be as informative as possible! So it is time! Drum roll please

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Episode Four - Vatos

The episode opens as sisters Andrea and Amy are fishing for camp in a nearby quarry lake, discussing their childhood and hopes that Florida, where their parents live, was not hit as hard by the zombie epidemic(Good for you ladies, not good for us!).In Atlanta, Rick Grimes , Daryl , Glenn and T-Dog have discovered the severed hand(I nearly said head, grusome.) of Merle Dixon, Daryl's brother, where Rick had handcuffed him on the roof of a store. They follow a trail of blood to show Merle had killed some walkers and managed to cauterize the stump of his hand before the trail goes cold. (We have a badass over here!)At the survivors' camp, Jim (He dies. Sorry. Muahaha) begins digging holes, refusing to explain why.(He's a bit crazy.) As the survivors press him, he lashes back at them, forcing Shane Walsh to restrain Jim. Jim breaks down, explaining how he lost his family to walkers, and that a dream inspired him to dig the holes. Jim warns Lori Grimes to keep her son Carl safe.In Atlanta, Rick's group gets into conflict with the Vatos, a group of Latinos that kidnap Glenn(GLENN, I told you he likes to get in trouble.) and demand they exchange Rick's bag of weapons for his return. When they face-off at the Vatos' base, they discover it is a hidden nursing home, and the Vatos are only trying to protect their own family. Rick leaves some of his weapons and ammo for the Vatos, and Glenn is returned unharmed. Rick's group finds their vehicle missing, and suspect Merle took it seeking vengeance on the survivors', and they start to race on foot back to the camp.At the camp, the other survivors' are enjoying dinner when a horde of walkers suddenly appear, biting several of the members including Amy and Ed Peletier. Rick and the others arrive in time to quell the walkers. Amy dies in Andrea's arms, and as the others stand around in shock, Jim recalls why he had dug those holes.A creepy fucking episode guys!And a long one phew.


Episode Five- Wildfire

The survivors deal with the aftermath of the zombie attack, burying their dead and burning the bodies of the zombies. Andrea stays with the body of Amy, apologizing for not spending more time with her,(It's rather sad.) before the body starts to re-animate and she shoots it in the head. As they reassess their situation, Jim reveals he was bitten in the attack(GOD DAMMIT), and while Daryl Dixon wants to kill him before he turns, Rick Grimes stops him, telling him they don't kill the living.Fearing the camp is no longer safe, Rick suggests the group travel to the CDC facility in Druid Hills, Georgia where they may have a cure. Shane does not believe it is safe, and tries to convince Lori, Rick's wife, to change Rick's mind, but she refuses. Shane, still resenting Rick's reappearance disrupting his relationship with Lori, attempts to shoot Rick but stops when Dale spots him.(Why can't we be friends?) The camp packs up, with Rick radioing Morgan Jones that Atlanta is not safe. Morales and his family elect to go on their own towards Birmingham (Some unimportant family.), and Rick gives them some of the weapons and supplies. The remainder of the survivors heads to the CDC. En route, as they fix Dale's RV, Jim starts to feel as if he is about to turn and asks to be left behind; the group leaves him under a tree by the road.(Crazy huh.) At the CDC, a lone scientist, Edwin Jenner, is sampling tissue that is part of the "Wildfire" epidemic that has lasted for over 190 days. During one test, his biohazard protection suit is damaged, and he quickly takes emergency precautions, which destroy the remaining samples he has to study. With no further means to proceed, Jenner contemplates suicide when he sees Rick's group appear outside the sealed building. Rick sees surveillance cameras watching them, and demands they be let in before an approaching horde of zombies reach them. Jenner triggers the external doors, allowing Rick's group in to safety.Was it really a good idea though?


Episode Six- TS-19


The episode opens with a flashback where Shane Walsh assures that the still-unconscious Rick Grimes is secured within the hospital during the onset of the zombie apocalypse.A beautiful bromance. In the present, Rick's group has entered the CDC building in Atlanta with help from its sole remaining scientist, Dr. Edwin Jenner. Jenner makes them undertake a blood test to prove they are not infected. The group enjoys the luxuries of the facility, which is self-powered and still has running water, food, alcohol, and other amenities. Jenner admits he is the only researcher that stayed behind, many of the others having left for their families or committed suicide. A drunk Shane approaches Lori Grimes about her callous attitude towards him with Rick's return and attempts to rape her, but backs off when she scratches his neck.(Meow.) Jenner later shows Rick's group what he had learned from Test Subject 19, who had been his wife but volunteered to be recorded after she was bitten in hopes of discovering a cure; the infection kills the carrier but causes the brain to re-activate and re-animate the body shortly thereafter, eliminating any conscious human traits. Jenner had been in communication with other facilities worldwide before they went silent, knowing the French had been close to a cure, but affirms that human civilization is ceasing to exist.(It's hard to make jokes here! It's such a good episode. So many awnsers!) The group discovers that the generator's fuel reserves are near exhausted; when empty, the facility will enter a self-destruct mode by design to eradicate all the infectious diseases stored there. Jenner seals the building, refusing to allow Rick's group to leave, but promises that the high-impulse thermobaric weapon designed to destroy the facility will mean their deaths will be quick. Rick's group tries in vain to have Jenner open the doors, and Rick eventually convinces him to allow them to at least try to overcome the tragedy rather than be forced to die. Two of Rick's group, Jacqui and Andrea , choose to stay behind, but Dale Horvath refuses to leave without Andrea and stays as well. As Rick departs, Jenner whispers something to him. Shortly thereafter, Andrea has a change of heart, not wishing to see Dale die, and the two escape the building moments before its destruction. The surviving members return to their vehicles and set off away from the smoking husk of the CDC.

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