Talking dead II
Through behind the mask we learn a lot about the people behind the characters, but the characters themselves are quite intruiging themselves! Are you ready to see some sides from the people on the site you probably haven't seen before? Grab them walker cupcakes and let's goooo

- From : Odessa Valyrion

Hello hello hello !!! I'm Arthur and welcome to the second " The Talkin' Dead " blog article. We're going through of some survivor's past, dreams and thoughts on future! Today we have the wonderful Jason Blackfield ( Trainer of Epidemiology ) !

1. Welcome and glad you had time for us. First of all let's go a bit back. Before the breakdown. What were your dreams ? What you wanted to do at your life ?

- Good question, I wanted to be a professional pokerplayer but the only things I got was debts so...well that didn't worked out for me in the end haha.

2. Hmmm i have seen people playing cards. But on the situation we are i don't think money can work or have worldwide fame after all.
What was your reaction when the apocalypse fell on earth ? Did you know how to act ?

- Hmm, my first reactions was being scared to be honest. You have seen these kind of things in movies and such but to see it with your own eyes is something really different. But my instinct for survival kicked in right away and I knew that I had to fight to see another day. Of course with the years it got better and better to do so.

3. Indeed. You must be familiar with what is happening nowdays. And i'm sure we didn't see everything yet !
What's one or more than one thing that you miss most ?

- One word : CHEESEBURGERS !

- 4. Oh my yes ! I love burgers, why you said that now ?!?!? *cries a river*
And to close the interview, do you think there's still hope ? How you imagine the future ?

- As Epidemiology Instructor I must keep hope, otherwise my job isn't believeable at all. And maybe one day we will find a cure and can start all over. And if it's not for us, let it be for the new generation.

And plus the new generation, maybe one day we can eat cheesburgers again... I mean yes, generation comes first *coughs*
Well thank you again for your time. I hope you all liked the blog, until the next one stay alive and good luck !

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Darren Pike

Darren Pike Amazing Interview! Nice to learn ore about you Jason!

David Ackermann

David Ackermann Cheeseburgers ♥ Awesome interview, Arthur and Jason :D

Faolan Tierney

Faolan Tierney It's nice to learn a little bit more about Jason! :D

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