Walking Dead: Aftershow Pheelz
I come bearing gifts to all my hungry little walkers today. No, it’s not my brains. It’s the inside scoop of the Walking Dead’s After Show Pheelz with of course me, Queen Savior, to give you the teasing morsels of what just happened on this week’s edition of the Walking Dead. Ya’ll better be wearing your shit pants cause some serious Negany things are about to go down.

- From : Ophelia Lovecraft

Viewer Discretion adviced with anytime Negan is mentioned.


Wowza. That’s all I can say after the latest episode, “Monsters”. There’s just a little bit of everything going on with the clash of these groups still. How much longer are they going to milk this battle? When will the day end? When will Rick stop thinking everyone can be saved? All these are pretty good questions if you ask me.



The answer to all three of those questions is NEVER.


We all know Morales is back. Woopy. I’ll admit, when he came in there with a, “We’re gonna settle your shit, peaches,” I did get a little excited. And as usual, for every bad guy trope, there is, he had this long, angry monologue about how Rick screwed him over blah blah blah. Dude, no one cares, not even Daryl. Morales seems to believe that, “They're all dead, and somewhere along the way ... Officer Friendly died right along with them. Just like I did, with them.


 As Rick said it best we’ve all LOST people. One person’s loss isn’t greater than another and should never let you turn into a bad apple.



Officer Friendly was just trying to get Morales to see the light, that Negan is a bad guy but we already know he is. If Morales can’t be swayed of Maggie, the pregnant wife of Glenn, watch her love can’t his head turned into putty by Lucille and Negan, then I don’t think Morales can be saved either. Just let him go back to Season 1 where he belonged. I’m with Daryl on this one and was glad that Morales got an arrow in the face. Daddy Rick was a little upset and tried to tell us that he was from the first group in Atlanta but as Daryl said, “It Doesn’t Matter. Not one bit.”


That’s a true saying. Morales left with his family to Birmingham. He didn’t have loyalty to the first group. He was toast when he decided to go on his own. They all told him to stay, but he had to show his dick and ‘be a man’. This is what happens to be a man. You get shot with an arrow why the girls in the audience scream, “YES BABY DARYL, YES!”



Now, because it’s Aftershow Pheelz, let’s jump over to the pheelz part. Erik and Aaron. Listen, we all know I’m an Aaron and Jesus bandwagon girl for life, but Erik with his Ellar looking ass, is still a sweet guy. I mean sure, we had no character development with him and he doesn’t really know how to shoot or protect himself so he was a useless component of the war anyway, he’s still Aaron’s sweetheart. I’m not going to spoil everything here, but I did feel a little sorry for Aaron. He’s stupid for leaving Erik at the tree and going back. Like, if that was my man I’d have made a tent and stayed and tried to fix him the best way possible. Not leave the man. What you doin’?! They almost had me in tears, ALMOST. I mean, Erik’s no Jesus but he gave Aaron a good pick me up speech still. It was a sweet tender moment that we know would never last. SIGH. If only love actually existed in the Walking Dead World without the finality of death because at this point, it seems that if you’re in love, that’s your death sentence.




Ya’ll. DID YOU KNOW WALKERS COULD ROLLLL? I had a bit of a laugh watching them just fall and roll down the hill onto the Savior Group that were all chained up together as prisoners. I mean, what? I’m a Savior myself, but come on. This had to be the most entertaining fuckery you’ll ever see. Just a walker rolling down the hill and boom, latching onto one of them.  I couldn’t believe my eyes. Though, of course, one managed to grab Morgan. Listen, Morgan is my baby. Ever since we first met him, like he obviously had some scars, he lost his son for Christ sake. Then Jesus is forcing him to take shit for the long-haired Savior who was responsible? Morgan, kill him, baby. This isn’t a What would Jesus do moment. This is a Morgan moment. For those of you who don’t know, Morgan wears his kid's armor, its low key saves him more than once but it shows us he’s fighting in his honor and he wants any rat savior bastard to bleed. Of course, rolling zombies ruined that and of course, the long-haired savior and his chained survivors decide to make a run for it in the chaos. Jailbirds are free.



This is where I get a little upset. I think Jesus needs to hop off his Guardian tick of, “This is NOT what we do,” because that’s not how you survive. It’s not idealistic to let every bad guy live because you don’t want to kill them. The Saviors wouldn’t hesitate to chop you up, of course after pissing their pants, but still! Kill them while you have a chance! Wait, I take that back. Even Negan let Rick’s group live even after Rick killed his men. BUT. That fight between Morgan and Jesus? This was by far the greatest hand to hand fight I’ve seen so far. Jesus is a master at martial Artist but Morgan is a legend with his bo staff. These two men were great against each other, showing that power struggle of the concept of morals. Do we still have morals for cold-blooded killers or do we kill them before they kill us?



I was a little bummed Jesus bested Morgan, even with his HORRIBLE middle hair part as Lexi kept pointing out, but all the same, it led to something I believe we all knew was going to happen. Morgan’s best line that I’ve heard in a while, “I'm not right. I know that I'm not right. But that doesn't make me wrong. I can't be a part of this.” Morgan knows he’s messed up in his head, he’s been poisoned pretty much in his thoughts but he isn’t wrong that they deserve to die, even Tara sees that. It’s the truth, will Jesus realize it or will him and hiss horrid middle part keep trying to think this is “What we do.” Dramatic Eyeroll.



The last two things I want to address are pretty simple. Why the hell did Maggie let Gregory’s snitching butt back in? And two, why did our Shakespearean leader make the worst promise in the world in his battle speech. Sigh, never say, “not one of us will die today.” UUUUUH. GUNS KILL PEOPLE AND REALISTICALLY ONE WILL DIE, PROBABLY MORE THAN ONE. And sure enough, Mufasa and his godly dreads realized he had to bite his own words in the MOST dramatic cliff-hanger we’ve seen in forever.




Post your feelings about this episode down in the comments below, let's get to discussing and dissecting this rotten corpse of an episode. Don't worry, Aftershow Pheelz will be back next weekend or you can personally throw me to the walkers.

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Ophelia Lovecraft

Ophelia Lovecraft YAYY <3

Lainey Peters

Lainey Peters Honestly, the Aftershow Pheelz is my new favorite part of the week.

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