King Arthur
SoMe's very own "King" Arthur will be sharing his views on the apocalypse. Every edition he shares his experiences.

- From : Odessa Valyrion


Hello there and welcome to the first blog " King Arthur ".
Of course you won't call me a king ( yet *coughs* ) but that's not the point !
On these series we're going through the apocalypse that happened in my own and unique style. So... take a seat and enjoy !!!


What really bothers me, after the breakout, is that we won't be able to enjoy some things anymore. And i mean the food mostly *sobs*

~ Pizza ~

That's right. Pizza is getting less and less. Well of course you can make one, it's simple. Flour and water is what you need mostly but what about the tops ?
You can't have your dream pizza anymore. At least not me. Where the tuna, corn and four cheeses ? *cries*

~ Twinkies ~

I will build a statue to whoever bring me a box of twinkies !!!
What happened to them ? Is everyone obsessed and after the events they run to take every single of these sweet small paradise cakes ?
Tsk, tsk, tsk. Such a shame. I almost forgot how they taste...

~ New movies ~

I think we will never be able to enjoy new movies. At least not for the current decade... and perhaps more
Civilization must been build first and then comes the art. I wish i could at least read some of the scripts that i was waiting to see them on the big screen.


That's all folks !
I hope you did enjoy it. Comment below what you will mostly miss from the past and see ya next time !!!


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Arthur McCarthy

Arthur McCarthy Guys, you should try this combination of pizza :3 :')

Indigo Vexx

Indigo Vexx Tuna pizza!? I need it! I miss movies too D;

Elliot Biggs

Elliot Biggs Tuna pizza? did I read right?

Faolan Tierney

Faolan Tierney So sad, but unfortunately true.. Maybe we should start making our own movies?

Chlo Edwards

Chlo Edwards Hmmmmmm, pizzzaaaaa. I wantttt

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