Dessa's Deadly DIY: Dress-up
So I’ve given you all the ingredients to get a kick-ass watch party, but nothing beats a great The walking Dead inspired costume. I love cosplay, but am not really great when it comes to sewing my own costumes… yea no, I am aweful. But, you can still get your hands on some things and look like your favourite castmember!

- From : Odessa Valyrion

As a saviour I have to honor our King Negan and just admit it, we love to loath, hate or adore him (depending on who’s side your on ofc) Turning yourself into Negan doesn’t have to be hard. You just need a couple of things you might already own or get your hands on quite easily.

You need a (faux) leather jacket, dark jeans, a red scarf or shirt and Lucille. If you don’t own a jacket, check out thriftstores , they usually have some cool ones for a fair price and most stores sell maroon/red shirts for a few bucks/pounds/euros.

Now getting your hands on Lucille might seem a bit tricky, but not to worry. This is where the DIY kicks in, guys.



This one’s easy, because you have options. Sure, you could get a replica of Negan’s bat, Lucille. But  that isn’t fun and you can also wrap some barbed wire garland around a toy baseball, which is super simple. (Please don't use real barbed wire, Safety first!)


Here are the step-by-step instructions. Start with your bat, garland, and tape (1, as shown in the image above). Tape down one end of the garland onto the bat (2). You can also start by tying the garland around the bat, but I found that the tape keeps the garland from sliding all over. Next, wrap the garland over the tape and around the bat (3). If necessary, add another piece of tape to further secure the garland (4). Space out the garland so that the end reaches the tip of the bat, then tie it in a knot (5).


Now it looks quite badass already, but Lucille is a feisty little lady that looks best in red. So add some rusty looking paint to make it look like dried up blood.


Easy huh!


Now all you need to do is check your facial hair situation and add some fake one with make-up or them stick on thingies. Don’t forget to comb your hair back and add some hair gel to get that slick signature look.

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