How to hack it in the wilderness with Dessa
An apocalypse can come at any given moment. Do you keep it cool or run around screaming, not knowing what to do? Fear no more! Dessa is here to learn you some unusual hacks so you too, can hack it in the wilderness!

- From : Odessa Valyrion

*Swings from tree* Hello kiddo’s,

I’ve promised you to educate you further to make survival outside these walls a little more likely. After making fire and making sure you don’t die from that infected scratch, it’s important to full your bellies with food from time to time.


So today I will show you how you can get food on the table if you are ever lost in the woods in this world or the one on the other side of your screen.


Today we got a short little blog about catching fish! Fishing is one of the best ways to gather food in wilderness(and the most boring, sorry dad, not sorry.) Finding the right materials? Not so much. But I am here to help. Cause you probably have some items that can work!


If you are crazy enough to take some soda cans with you, now is the time to stop regretting that decision, even though it took up much space in your backpack and weights a ton. You can recycle parts of it (hooray, the universe will love you) Cause those little lids you open them with can be made into fish hooks!


Just pop off the top and sharpen one of the ends you have left! So I would recommand you use a sharp pair of scissors or small shears, nippers etc to cut through the part you want to remove and then just file away with a nail file or some sand paper.

Yes, super easy. Well done! See even you can learn how to stay alive in short little blogs like these!



Now you would need a sturdy thread to attach it to. It needs to be really strong. We don’t want the fish to catch us, we want to catch the fishies!


In the wild you probably won’t have time to make a professional rod. But simply tie your thread  around a branch might do the trick! Happy fishing everyone!


what kind of skill do you want to learn next? Let me know in the comments!

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Lilja Valdis

Lilja Valdis Awesome article. Super useful.

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