Behind the mask of Alyiana James
Have you ever wondered if the person behind the character is exactly the same as their IG self? Like: does Faolan really love animals? Is William Mortdecai the reason why rum is always gone in real life too? And how about Lukrezia? Does she secretly adore pineapple pizza? Well SoMe is here to reveal some of the similarities and differences! Today we bump into a much seen face around camps: Alyiana James

- From : Odessa Valyrion




                                                Alyiana James

DoB: March 15, 2005
Job: None
Favorite Plushie: Officer Lawrence
Favorite type of cookie: Snickerdoodle
Favorite WoW weapon: AR15 Machine Rifle (If you have it, never looked)
Favorite WoW class: Wilderness Survival 
Favorite ice cream topping: oof, it's more of I love Mint Chip Ice cream, then having a favorite topping. 
Your special talent: Singing. 


DoB: March 1st, 2003
Job: I am a Nanny for a 56-year-old disabled woman.
Favorite Plushie: A pink and white poodle, in a ballerina outfit. To this day I sleep with that stuffed animal, who I willingly named "Sassy"
Favorite type of cookie: SNICKERDOODLE
Favorite WoW weapon: An AR15 Machine Rifle. 
Favorite WoW class: Canine Training
Favorite ice cream topping: SPRINKLES
Your special talent: I am a good singer IRL. And I play Roller Derby. 



Me and my character both have this odd need to protect those that we love. We both also in many ways grow attached to people. We both have a firey spirit, and a strong need to be good at what we do. 


I think that in some ways my character is more laid back than I am. Scary, I know lol.





FC: Brittany Robertson



Roller Derby Name: Break'Her and my number is AR15, after the machine gun. 



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Lysa Caliente

Lysa Caliente Lovely to learn a bit more about you Alyiana!

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