World of Walkers's terrifying Halloween transformations
This weekend is a special one. Why,You ask? Well this weekend a lot of people get freaky and start their early celebration of one of my personal favourite Holidays: Halloween! You could watch movies, do a re-run of The Walking dead's Season Premier or be like me, dress up and party like  there's no tomorrow!

- From : Odessa Valyrion

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Aris Delaney

Aris Delaney Oh, that looks....e-extremely realistic o.o

Avara Snow

Avara Snow For anyone who is allergic to liquid latex (like me) mixing unflavored gelatin with a tablespoon or two of milk and warming it up for 15-second intervals until it's melted and mixed works wonders. Let it cool until you're able to touch without burning yourself. It looks and feels like real skin and lasts quite a long time. Also, doesn't pull out hairs like latex does. The only downside is the smell, but it fades after a few minutes.

Meeting place for Walking Dead Fans

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