Aspen's Animal Doppelgangers
So, we already know this place can be a bit of damn zoo, am I right? Well, it just so happens that in my spare time around this place (and maybe enjoying a bit of extra free time in the archives *wink wink*), I may have stumbled on some less than flattering photographs of some of you people. I mean, they’re pretty damn hilarious themselves. BUT. and I mean a very fucking big BUTT. It’s so much FUN to compare them to a few choice photos I found of you guys and your animals and just some snapshots from old Discovery Channel booklets and shit. So, without further ado, I bring to you some Animal Doppelgangers. Enjoy that. Relish it. (It’s not as fun as blood, but it’s something)

- From : Aspen Elysium

You know this guy. He's lurking about, smoking cigarettes, tossing his feet up on the table...annoying. Well, it seems I'm not the only one that got tired of his shit and one of our other lovely Camp Heads (Thank you Janie) took it upon herself to attack him with scissors (Kinda like that time I attacked him with a dagger).




Now, before you all start 'aww'-ing and shit, you have to realize. Rats carry diseases, amiright? Keep that shit over there, James. 

Obviously, he's one of the lazier people around the camp. I mean, he's just rolling around everywhere, smoking, taking up space, stinking it up with his feet and laying all over his boyfriend. They say you are what you eat, but I swear everyone around here is starting to look like goddamn animals:




Like, he's so fucking lazy that he's turning into a sloth, right? Look at this dork!

Also, this guy just thinks he's some hot shit. Like, I swear I see him posing sometimes even. But I can't. *laughs* I just see this shit: 




Looks just like him, doesnt it?! It only makes sense he'd have a tail, too, with as many times he's ran away with it between his legs (right, Mai?)

Another thing, he thinks he's so smart, too. But I don't get it. I think his boyfriend has a little more brain power than he does. At least he doesn't misspell the word, 'hug'



Sorry, James. You're no Clark Kent. Maybe you should pray to Goatacis so that you regain some of the brains you lost when the outbreak began. Maybe a walker bit you and spit you back out again. I know it doesn't work that way, but all I see is that ^



I would be lying if I said that was all the weird shit I could dig up on our Savior Camp Head, James Ashton. But if you really want to see some strange shit, just stick around Town Square long enough and he'll show up. Then you can take even more photos and send them to me >:3 


All joking aside, James isnt that bad. I mean, he started giving me wine after everything went down between us. He's my Camp Head, after all. And I think I got his respect, so it sort of goes both ways, or whatever. You won't hear me saying it out loud, though.


You can see this pretty much everywhere if you know where to look. I mean, it can get pretty monotonous being safe here in the walls, doing lessons. Gotta get your kicks where you can get em right? So if you see anyone around town that resembles one of our livestock or your Aunt Bessie's shorthair chihuahua, then send me a mail with the deets. I'll gladly post that shit in here so we can all get our kicks. I'll be here every Tuesday, so don't miss me too much while I'm gone. 


P.S. I like wine. Get on my good side. 

And remember, "Those who slay together, stay together" >:3

(permission given to use images of James and his consent for the words)



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Odessa Valyrion

Odessa Valyrion Im crying... this is so good!

Janie Buchanan

Janie Buchanan "Attack" is quite a strong word. I believe I was more sneaky with how my scissors met his hair

Lukrezia Tierney

Lukrezia Tierney Hahahaha I love these XD

Kaia Rayne

Kaia Rayne This was awesome haha perfect thing to start my morning to!

Hadlee Clover

Hadlee Clover Kittty! *heart eyes* great work there Aspen, I'm loving these blogs ;3

Vincent Delaney

Vincent Delaney Oh that hairless cat. I was done for at that point XD

Faolan Tierney

Faolan Tierney Oh my -wipes away tears from laughing- that was amazing xD

Dead user

Dead user *snorts*

James Ashton

James Ashton (Cwl) great work Aspen.

Margaret Wider

Margaret Wider This was really fun. XD Great post!

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