WoW you can get a job!
Here on World of Walkers we got plenty of jobs to do and teams are looking for survivors to help out. But what do these jobs entail? Today you can have a sneak peak and learn about what the teams do and maybe you find something you would like to try out.

- From : Odessa Valyrion

The Tutor team is about correcting homework. Every now and then it is required for a tutor to check if there’s homework in the subject and if so it’s their job to grade the homework. Sometimes there are complaints and also varying grades, it also the tutor's job to correct them. So if you like homework a lot, then Tutor is something for you!

Being an enforcer is all about the rules. It is an enforcers job to read through the different forums to make sure that they’re following the rules, but it’s also an enforcers job to help regarding RPG and the rules. They also have to look after the chats to make sure that they’re kept in the required 3x language and behaviour.

The Event Team
On the event team, the main job is to plan parties, events and also competitions. To join the team you should be creative and be able to think out of the box. The event team has made parties like the dances, the new year and also the many competitions.

Being a journalist is writing your articles for the rest of us to enjoy. A Journalist must be good at writing and also creative to make the fabulous articles that we write. Currently, we have one paper to apply for, the walkers time!

Social Media
Social Media is about the platforms and promoting the site. We currently have 3 Social Media platforms that we on the social media team work with being Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but apart from that we also make the blog posts and we also make competitions on the team.

Being an Archivist is reading and correcting the books we already have in store, but also writing the new books. The Archivists team is also the team to make the fabulous yearbook that we all love so dearly!

The Backstory team is a team that spends their time reading through users backstory to see if there is one above 50 words and if it follows the rules we have on site. The smurf team is always there to help if you need help writing the backstory too!

To apply for any job you can look through the clubs and see how to apply, justs simply CLICK HERE

Social Regards,
Cora Naeun Hwang

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David Ackermann

David Ackermann Yes go apply! :D

Faolan Tierney

Faolan Tierney All of these jobs are absolutely amazing! :D

Jasper Hunt

Jasper Hunt Yes yes yes! Everybody apply for the wonderful jobs! :O

Cailean Oliphant

Cailean Oliphant I might look a wee bit better if I took on a smidge o color eh?

Kaia Rayne

Kaia Rayne Yes yes YES! Please apply! Not only do you get a fantastic fancy color but you get to help out the site and be creative! <3

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