Behind the mask of ....Valerie Buchanan Wagner
Have you ever wondered if the person behind the character is exactly the same as their IG self? Like: does Faolan really love animals? Is William Mortdecai the reason why rum is always gone in real life too? And how about Lukrezia? Does she secretly adore pineapple pizza? Well SoMe is here to reveal some of the similarities and differences! Odessa met a little bad ass the other day and can't wait to introduce her to you all!

- From : Odessa Valyrion

Valerie Buchanan Wagner
★DoB - September 16th 
★Job - Journalist of The Walker Times

★Favorite juice - I don't have a favorite juice since I haven't drunk juice since the start of the outbreak.

★Favorite Halloween costume - I think something simple is nice... or nothing at all... but if I did have to pick I would do something simple like a zombie or vampire.

★Favorite WoW weapon - I would say my favorite weapon would have to be a knife or any type of gun... I like getting up close and personal for my kills and the sound of guns has always been a nice sound to me

★Favorite WoW class - Hands down my favorite would be Wilderness survival... I love all the useful facts that we learn in the class and I feel like it is one of the most important classes... on top of that, the Trainer of the class may or may not be my favorite Trainer.

★Biggest Influence - Hmmm... that is hard but I would probably say that my biggest influence would be William Mortdecai! I learn a lot from him and he always gives me a new outlook on things.

★Favorite Fastfood restaurant - I don't have a favorite Fastfood restaurant... before the outbreak, my family and I didn't eat out much and I don't think you can really go out to eat now.


★DoB - October 25th

★Job - Student & Part-time job at PetSmart 
★Favorite juice: Apple juice

★Favorite Halloween costume: I can't pick just one! I am a cosplayer and make a lot of different costumes/cosplay so it honestly just depends what mood I'm in and how much effort into putting on a costume.

★Favorite WoW weapon: Bow... I like the silent and deadly type. With using a bow it makes a pretty easy, clean, and quiet kill... I might also have some real-life knowledge on archery so I think I would be pretty good at using it rather than a gun.

★Favorite WoW class: Canine Training! I love anything to do with animals, the lessons are interesting, there are adorable pictures/gifs of puppies, and the class overall is just really fun with different assignments

★Biggest Influence: Alright, this might sound stupid but my biggest influence would be a tie between Jacksepticeye and Sebastian Stan, their interviews/videos were there when I had no one else and I love how mature yet goofy they are.

★Favorite Fastfood restaurant: I don't eat much Fastfood but when I do I would say Taco Bell is my favorite because it might be horrible 90% of the time but to me, any Mexican is good food.


I would say Valerie and I are similar because we are both very sarcastic and stubborn, we are both set in our ways and it is very hard to change them.


99% of the stuff that comes out of our mouths is either sarcasm or a joke.


I would say we have the same style of clothing, as well, we both wear a lot of black, combat boots, jeans, and jackets.


Valerie is much more distant and cold than I, I would like to think I am a very energetic and an outgoing person (even on an off day) while Valerie is not much of a people person unless if you knew her when she was younger and/or if you get to know her.


Also, Valerie is much more snapper/hot-headed than I am... you would easily annoy her more than you would annoy irl me.




FC: brianna Hildebrand


Something fun about me would be... hmmm that's hard...


★ I guess you could count my creativity as fun! It has to lead me to write some pretty... interesting (That might be the right word) fanfiction as well as draw some pretty crazy art.

★Something crazy about myself: I like doing stuff that makes me uncomfortable just because I like the feeling of being uncomfortable.

★You want me to say something extraordinary about myself? Would it count as extraordinary that I can write around 6 different things on different subjects at once while also having a full-on, intellectual converstation.

★NOW, something odd about myself... I'm allergic to chocolate (not bad... I just sneeze a lot and get itchy) but I still eat it whenever I can because chocolate is just to tempting.



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Kaia Rayne

Kaia Rayne It was amazing getting to learn more about you Valerie! Iwill have to agree that the trainer for WS is incredible :D

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